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Why I Prefer Film Making Over Stage Drama – JT Ayorinde

I saw JT Ayorinde on campus for the first time this year few weeks ago, (Busy man) and I booked an exclusive interview session with him which he obliged, the week we were supposed to conduct the interview, JT was faraway in Achiever University, Owo making sure the stage Drama presentation of one of the pioneer private university in Nigeria goes smoothly, this was one of the event lined up to commemorate the institution’s Combined 8th and 9th convocation ceremony, by the time he was back in Ondo, I was in Ghana for a private visit, with two busy man at work, we thereafter settled for an online interview.

JT Ayorinde has always part of the school of thought who believed what can they do for their country rather the other way round, just fresh out of the secondary school, he resumed as a student of Adeyemi College of education, Ondo in 2014, he was made the drama director of one of the group in Mr Gbenga Dare’s popular course known as Drama 101 (Introduction to Drama and Theatre).

His group won the contest, coming first out of about 30 groups. He didn’t rest on his oars , he thereafter assembled his Sagacious pedagogues team, they started by staging a radio drama in the wired Arbico FM and like the trite goes the rest is history.

The except from our exclusive interview with him is down below.

1. It nice to have you here JT, can you describe where you are at the moment

Thank you Sir. It’s a pleasure. I am in Ile Ife presently at the base of Da Eagles World. A children’s Theatre Company.

2. How are you feeling at the moment

I’m feeling great. I can say I’m doing good and okay.

3. This interview brings a nostalgia kind of experience for me, I could remember listening to your drama presentation on Arbico FM in 2015. It now 2019 and you are now staging drama all around the campuses, how do you feel, considering the transition.

It’s an awesome improvement that has taken years to build. Through the help of God and men, The troupe has graduated through series of stages. All I feel now is optimism that we would achieve greater feats ahead.

4. What’s Kashime all about?

kashime is a love story of two individuals, Kashimawo and Mary. It is a tale that tells the reason behind many breakups today and the solution. Kashime is my 8th stage play on campus and it’s touring the southwest states.

5. Why did you create Sagacious pedagogues?

The troupe was created in 2015 at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo with the aim of teaching morals in this moral decadent society, promoting the socio-cultural aesthetics of Art, and other histrionic acts. More also, it was created to create an enabling environment, a platform for the teeming talents and the would be Thespians.

6. What’s the state of the group at the moment?

We started with about 60 members and now, we have about 150 members all over the country with two other annex groups too outside Ondo State. We have a film at post production stage and some too at preproduction stage.

7. From your end, do you have anything in stock for your fans apart from Kashime?

Yes. There are lots of stories waiting to be told. My next story would be ÀTÙPÀ.

8. How do you get inspired?

Inspiration comes from God. But I get my muse from listening to good music. When I listen to songs of great musicians like Lagbaja, Asa, Brymo and other cool headed artists.

9. Little or nothing is known about your private life, for the girls, is JT still available?

Hmmn! I ought not to be available by now but I’m just like a lamb who has been bitten many times by snakes and scorpions. Well, that’s what creative face. JT is still quite available for now. Single and ready to mingle but with a artful heart.

10. Film making or stage presentation, which one do you prefer and why?

I would prefer Film making. It doesn’t take that much stress as stage production would and yet, it is well documented. Sometimes, we spend more on stage than on films. And film also has the tendency to reach a larger audience which is very easy in this internet age. But since many are running from stage productions, I will still keep up my works on the stage for the stage will die without our works as artists.

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