It is very necessary for all prospective corp members to take note of the necessary things to do before leaving for the orientation camp.

  • All prospective corps members are to print their call-up letters for the 2016 Batch B (stream 1) orientation course, and also check the timeline for the camp registration.
  • Make sure you don’t travel late, arrive early with your luggage. If you are posted to a state that is very far, it is better to travel a day before the camp opens.
  • Don’t worry about where to stay, you will be allow to go inside the camp and this will also lessen your registration stress.
  • From experience, screening starts at the gate, where your luggage is thoroughly searched and surfed by security officials before granting your pass. Officials don’t want you to bring in prohibited items like pressing iron, knives, boiling rings, mirrors and forks are known to be contraband items in camp.
  • Every Corp member is requested to bring to camp their original statement of result, Institution identity card, recent passport photographs. Your call-up letters, enough photocopies of all documents needed and enough cash.
  • The truth is that, the registration processes is always stressful but before you know it, you will have your camp kits including your khaki, jungle boots and t-shirts. If they are oversize, search for someone to exchange with or you can as well get a tailor at the ‘mami market’ to resize it.
  • Once you have your NYSC kits, only the T-shirt and shorts with the white tennis shoes are permissible.
  • It is better to go with enough white t-shirt and extra tennis for a replacement.
  • Don’t forget to write your number on your kits.

    Other items include you should never forget include: Waist pouch/bag, torch, disinfectants, sanitary pads, detergent, bath soap and sponge, and mosquito net.

    That is all, Wishing you all a great service year.

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