Mapoly SUG President – The Students’ Union Government President of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Comrade Owoiya AbdulRasaq has said the current administration will revive the lost social week in MAPOLY.

Owoiya made this known while defending his administration proposed a budget of 5.2m on Friday at the Students’ Representatives Council Secretariat.

He said 1.14m is proposed for the social week, adding that, the week will constitute educative, entertaining and social programmes for Mapaites.

While highlighting the proposed programmes, Owoiya said event for the social week would include; Spelling Bee Competition, Debate, Public Speaking Competition, Miss MAPOLY, Campaign against drug abuse, Rag day, among other educative, entertaining and social programmes.

According to him, “The social week is proposed to be done for five days.

“The winner of each event will be given valuable gifts, so it will motivate our students to improve on their academic pursuit.

“Everything is not about reading alone, our students are embedded with a lot of talents which they needed to display.

“Since this administration rides on transparency and accountability, our students welfarism is our priority. Therefore, creating an avenue for talent showcasing is mandatory on this administration.

“We are ready to make all Mapaites discover their various talents before their departure from this great citadel of learning” he said

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