It was indeed a time of insightful deliberations and constructive arguments yesterday the 26th October, 2016 at the student union building, senate chamber as the first joint parliamentary session was held.The joint sitting which had in attendance the principal officers of the senate arm, the CEC Excos, distinguished senators from various faculties, the cadet officers, former SUG president, gallerians and representatives of EKSUSU PRESS.
The sitting commenced at exactly 3.05 PM and ended around 6.30 PM in the evening.The Senate Clerk (Folorunso Temitope) read out the agenda of the meeting to the house which the senators reacted to independently.
The issue of the hike in school fees was thereafter tabled before the senate house for deliberation. A senator from the college of Medicine constituency brought to notice of the house the suspension of the medical students due to the protest against the increment in their school fees. He also pleaded with the SUG Executives to come in and fast track the resumption of these students back to school by soliciting with the V.C on their behalf. Other senators also reacted in support of the Senator from Medicine constituency. In response to this, the SUG President (Ord. Aridiogo David p.k.a ARUSON) said the Team Aruson led administration is making a giant strife as it has forwarded a letter of notification to the V.C on the breakdown of school fees, acceptance fees.

Also regarding to the issue of the Medical students; he stated that his team had begun to take steps in ensuring the quick resumption of medical students after which discussions could be made on measures to adopt in settling the disputes. The SUG president also stated emphatically”we will not negotiate out of fear on the issue of school fees”.Therefore all EKSUITES are ADVICED NOT TO MAKE ANY PAYMENT UNTIL THE ISSUE OF INCREASE IN FEES IS ADEQUATELY ADDRESSED.
Another agenda deliberated upon was the lack of electricity outside the school premises which the senators regarded to as something of shame to EKSU. In reaction to this by the SUG President he stated his commitment towards fulfilling his manifestoes in which the issue of electricity was spelt out. He told EKSUITES that he had consulted and visited the appropriate sectors concerned with the restoration of electricity which they have promised to attend to as fast as possible.
The senators also advised the SUG president to meet with the caretakers of various hostels and discuss how to bring a lasting solution to lack of electricity confronting EKSU. The SUG president added that until the pending payment is made and the issue of resolved, little or nothing can be done pertaining to the issue of electricity.
Furthermore, the senate president (Sen. Ibimiluyi Adeyemi) ordered the senate clerk, to read the letter sent by the central executive council to the senate arm through the Office of the General Secretary (Are Temitope), for the ratification of the student union due which led to varying reactions from the Senators. Some Senators brought to the remembrance of the President the inclusion of non payment of dues in his manifesto and asked him what caused the deviation from his promises to EKSUITES.
The President responded by making reference to Section 12, subsection 5 (1a) which provides it as a duty on all EKSUITES to pay a certain due as decided by the CEC, which made the Senators give approval of the due stipulated as a sum of #400 to be paid by returning students and #600 to be paid by the freshers in order to enhance provision of certain social amenities and developmental projects.
In addition to this, the SUG President said there would be improvement in health care delivery at the school health centre. He stated that the welfare director in conjunction with the CEC had carried out the renovation of borehole in order to make available portable drinking water for EKSUITES at the health center, donation of 200 energy saving bulbs for proper illumination, renovation of the infrastructural facilities, agitation for annex health center beside the newly constructed hostel which was approved by the school management.
The cadet CSO made his complaints as regard the location of cadet officers in the old SUG building and the need to re locate the office to the new SUG building as provided in the constitution that the cadet office should be located within the SUG building. In response to this, the SUG president said logistics will soon be put in place for the renovation of the old SUG building especially the Cadet office.Efforts were being made on relocating the cadet office to a befitting building.
Moreover, ARUSON led administration had promised students of EKSU of their commitment to ease the problems of transportation. He added that a meeting had been held with the Tricycle chairman and it was agreed that tricycles would be stationed in strategic locations like, the newly opened UBA road, Satellite road and at the new SUG building so as to allow better interaction between the Government and the students. He also stated that consultations were being made with private corporate companies for assistance in providing campus shuttles.
Deliberations were also made about the increase in the fee of the old hostels from #20,000 to #25,000 and then the proposed fee of the newly constructed ultra modern hostel is #50,000 per head in which 3 students would occupy a room.
Finally, before the sitting was brought to a close the senate president read out the various committees at the Senate chamber which included the chairman and members. The chairmen and their corresponding committees’ include:
Ogundele Ayodele – Chairman Health Committee
Oyebanji Opeyemi – Chairman Welfare committee
Suberu Oluwakomiyo – Chairman Faculty/ Department affairs committee
Imoje Moses – Chairman Sport committee
Bayo Afolabi – Chairman Social & Recreational Committee
Oladeji Oladayo – Chairman Parliamentary & Traveling Committee
Amoran Ilesanmi – Chairman Finance Committee
Oloyede Kehinde – Chairman Audit Committee
Adedokun Yinka – Chairman Ethics, Rule, Conduct and Petition Committee
Akinyemi Benedict – Chairman Transport Committee
Abegunde Olalekan – Chairman Information & Security Committee
Jinadu Akeem – Chairman Students Affairs Academics Committee.



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