• Can we meet you?

I’m Egunjobi Babatunde p.k.a. Prof. Tee from the department of Technical Education, 400Level

  • What are you vying for and why?

I’m vying for SUG PRESIDENT and I’m on a mission to revive the lost spirit of unionism in TASUED.

  • As a presidential aspirant, how can creative thinking be encouraged among the students?election-campaign-blood

Creative thinking can be encouraged by engaging the students mind with creative idea like introduction of EDU SOCIAL programs and lots more.

  • Polls show that most students think students’ union doesn’t function. What would you do to fix the underlying structures and systems that seem to be broken?

Sure the students are somehow right because they have been failed severally but all that need to be done is to do something that will make the students regain their belief in the student’s union and also promises that are SMART S- specific M- measurable A- achievable R- realistic T- time bound should be made to the students. Not the one that is not SMART

  • What would be your first achievement if you emerge as the SUG President?

Agitate for a make up test for students who miss the ongoing E-test.

  • Separation of students’ union account from the management account has being an unassailable task for the past union leaders. What steps would you take to achieve the unachievable?

For INTEGRITY sake and to prove to everyone that we are for selfless sacrificial service and also to prove that we are not the money drunk type, we will leave it with them and also use it as one of their weak points in the aspect of INTEGRITY on their own aspect it will serve as a bait to get their weakness

  • How would you describe this institution to someone who is visiting for the first time? 

TASUED for now is the most preferred Tertiary institution in Ogun State if one will be sincere.2016

  • As a leader that is ready to serve, what would you say are the major challenges of the students and how would you handle them? 
  1. Implementation of callous policy.
  2. Inadequate infrastructural development
  3. Delay in release of transcripts and results to mention a few

And to solve all these issues, experience and exposure are required on our own side to deal with them and also, that is where Pragmatism is needed

  • How do you intend to communicate your goals to the students if you emerge as the SUG President?

As I’ve said earlier on that is where Pragmatism is required as a leader because there are different channels to communicate one’s goal

  • What is the biggest challenge you think TASUED student unionism is facing today & what changes do you think could be made to make it a  better or more effective for the students populace?

The biggest challenge for now is elongation of tenure. As you can see for two different regimes now the tenure is not ending at the normal time which is second semester. When a regime ends at its normal time it will give the new elected executive power to deal with issues that would have make the outgoing executives handicap because

1. their tenure has ended

2. most of them as at that time would have become graduates

So, elongation of tenure is one of the issues TASUED students unionism is facing and if we emerge we are promising Tasuedite that we will do all we could to make sure the election is conducted at the right time. Also caucus and personal interest is another big issue and the solution to that is proper and impacting orientation for the executivevote

  • Tell us one mistake students’ union leaders have made in the past which you witnessed.

For me I can see selfish, personal and caucus interest. They didn’t actually think about millions of Intending, present and past Tasuedites before taking some decision back then.

  • If we ask someone who knows why students should not vote for you, what do you think they would say?

I’m a strict, realistic and disciplined human being

  • Do you work better individually or as part of a team?

I prefer working as part of a team because no one is an island of knowledge

  • As the outgoing PRO of the outgoing Union Leader what has being your major achievement during your one year in office

Making sure Tasuedites are not deformed by disseminating information to them time to time

  • As the image maker of this outgoing regime, can you give account to the students’ populace on what your regime has achieved so far?

Syndicate 15/16 has achieved a lot under the leadership of COM. AJE AMIDU OLAWALE like

  • EDU 311 & 312 MAKE UP TEST

Once again I’m Egunjobi Prof. Tee aspiring for SUG President.

Justice we deserve, Justice we bring

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