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The Ilorin University Medical Students Association (ILUMASA), yesterday, 24th October, staged its 33rd edition of their annual health week campaign. This was held at the College of Health Sciences, Oke Oyi — from fifteen minutes ahead noon.

The floor was formally opened with the school anthem, after which it was spiced up with the second stanza of the National Anthem.

Following suite was the introduction, and the invitation of dignitaries — the likes of the President of ILUMSA, Dr Alade, his Vice President Miss Olokunlade Olamide and Mr Animashaun Emmanuel — to the high table.

Furthermore, the president was called upon to give his speech, of which he talked about the significance of the Health Campaign Week, its mission and her achievement so far.

He further informed the audience about their innovative programs such as the hepatitis B outreach, sports festival, provision of academic materials for the upcoming medical students at subsidised rates etc.

The president, in his words, “The major aim of this association is to bring out the professionalism in medicine, ensure the availability of basic health care, provide a better health care for the student’s populace and the community at large, creation of awareness to the masses of their right to basic health care”.

The Vice President, Miss Olokunlade Olamide was then invited for her speech. Miss Olamide’s address featured a detailed information on how the health week campaign shall unfold. This included a two day game festival on Monday; then an outreach programme to the dwellers of Temidire community on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, by 9am, a sensitization walk would be staged to the National Health Act (NHA). Then, a campaign on Sex Education at Unilorin Secondary School would follow, later on in the day.

While on Thursday, INSPIRE ILUMSA would take a center stage: a programme targeted at celebrating the already established alumnus of the association. Thereafter, a breast cancer awareness at Yoruba road would ensue.

Friday would feature a quiz competition and the finale of the much anticipated ILUMSA funfair. Saturday, the final day of the Health week, shall see members treated to a get-together at Monday’s Palace, GRA Ilorin.

After this presentation, questions were entertained and the curtain was drawn with a standing ovation — for the recitation of the second stanza of the national anthem. And of course, this was not without the 7th-item tradition.

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