In response to a Press release by the Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) of The University of Lagos Students’ Union signed by Hon. Akinpelu Sherif Lanre on 7th August, 2015 suspending the Union’s Financial Secretary and the Treasurer, being the resolution in a sitting conveyed at the parliament building on 6th August, 2015.

The Executive arm of the Union hereby rejects and tagged unacceptable the unconstitutional suspension of the Union’s Financial Secretary and the Treasurer. This unlawful suspension shall therefore not stand as it lacks merit.

According to the University of Lagos Students’ Union constitution, Article 3, Section 4, Subsection  E which states that “The SLC can summon the Executive for meeting(s) with a notice of 48 hours (in writing to the President through the General Secretary) when the need arises”, the whole members of the Executives were not only served letters by the Parliament clerk-Adeyanju Adeonipekun, the notice was just 24 hours as opposed to the constitutionally stated 48 hours.

Crucial issues bothering on the security and welfare of the general Students’ Populace such as the theft in Moremi Hall of Residence in the early hours of Thursday, 6th of August, 2015, the same day we were meant to appear before the Parliament, demands our critical response and action than any appearance at the floor of the Parliament. Put simply, we were on assignments bothering on the welfare of the students.

The action of the Parliamentarians in suspending the financial Executive Officers is borne out of witch-hunt and unnecessary exercise of power. There is no particular offence stated that warrants the suspension. Moreso, they have submitted the financial report of the First Semester.

The constitution, according to Article 4, Section 4, Subsection K, which states that ‘the SLC shall have power, subject to the APPROVAL OF THE CONGRESS, to suspend, discipline or remove any ULSU Executives or SLC member who has been alleged and found guilty of offence(s) stated in the constitution’, did not empower the SLC to suspend. Given that there was no approval from the Congress, the Suspension therefore holds no ground.

The motion as moved by Hon. Samuel Oshinuga of the faculty of Science and seconded Hon. Timileyin Akegbejo of the faculty of Social Sciences in reference to Article 4, Section 4, Subsection J, K and N is simply a gross misinterpretation of the constitution of ULSU.

As Parliamentarians, it is mandatory that one should be well acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the constitution, but given the unlawful and unjustifiable action of suspending members of the Executives WITHOUT FAIR HEARING, we doubt the competency of the Parliament and might not yield to their call again.

The entire University of Lagos Students’ Union Executives hereby demands that an official apology be rendered by the Student Legislative Council using all the social media channels to the Members of the Executives whose images and personalities were dented as a result of their unconstitutional exercise of power.

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