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UNILAG Student Whose Friends Faked His Death Speaks Up

About a month ago the news of the death of a 200 Level student of the University of Lagos went viral. In a post put on social media, it was alleged that he started bleeding from his nose after taking several doses of Tramadol and Codeine.

The said student who goes by the name Dennis Mkpanam has, however, come out to clear the air about the misunderstanding which seemed to have had ripple effects that were unforeseen. Mr Dennis has however reached out to The OWL Campus requesting a publication to discredit the foregoing post.

See the apology from his friends below:

DENNIS MKPANAM IS ALIVE! HE NEVER TOOK DRUGS, WE PLAYED A PRANK ON HIM! Some few weeks back, I and a group of friends did something very silly and childish. We played a terrible prank on our friend by posting a picture of him saying he died of Tramadol and Codeine overdose which was false. Subsequently, to make our prank even more believable, we scripted a false story that I sent to Instablog to credit the prank. This is to inform the general public that Dennis Mkpanam is ALIVE and WELL and is NOT a DRUG ADDICT and has NEVER touched drugs in whatever form, he infact has zero tolerance for drugs or the likes of it. Our silly prank has caused alot of pain to Dennis Mkpanam and his family. Dennis is very much alive and very well. We are disappointed in ourselves and plead with everyone whom we caused alot of pain and trauma to forgive us. It was never in our intention to cause any harm or pain to the family members. We have understood the grievance of our actions and we apologize sincerely to the entire public and to everyone who read the initial prank. We now know better that there’s more to life than pranks and games and people can be very hurt by the things we do. I sincerely apologize to the family, friends, relatives and well wishers of the Mkpanam family. Please do find a place in your hearts to forgive us. I use this medium to solicit for all bloggers to take down the alleged claim of his death and we accept the initial post of his death from drugs-use is false.

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