The Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan on behalf of Senate, has approved the attached adjustment in the Academic Calendar for the rest of the 2017/2018 session.

Only dates have been adjusted in the calendar. It was recall that it remain 23 days to the commencement of GES examinations and examinations in some Faculties when the strike started.

As indicated in a mail sent to the students before the strike, Faculties who are not affected by examinations in the Faculty of Education are to start their examinations in the week of GES exams, i.e week starting on March 11.

The Director of GSP is hereby advised to release the GES examinations timetable to enable those faculties to schedule their exams accordingly. These Faculties are however, not to schedule any examination in the hours scheduled for GES exams.


Second Semester

3 weeks left for Teaching/Revision Mon. 18/2/19 – Fri. 8/3/19

GES Examinations Mon. 11/3/19 – Fri. 15/3/19

2 weeks for Examinations in the Faculties
of Education, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Technology, law, Agriculture,
Renewable Natural Resources, Clinical Sciences, Dentistry, Basic Medical Sciences, Public Health Mon. 11/3/19 – Fri. 22/3/19

2 weeks for Examinations in the Faculties of Science, the Social Sciences, and Arts
Mon. 25/3/19 – Fri. 5/4/19

2 weeks for processing Examinations
Results Mon. 8/4/19 – Thu. 18/4/19

EASTER BREAK Fri. 19/4/19- Mon. 22/4/19

2 weeks for meetings of Faculty
Boards of Examiners (Final Year and
Non-Final Year Results) Tues. 23/4/19 – Mon. 6/5/19

Senate Meeting for the Consideration
for Final Year and Non-Final Year
Results/End of Session Mon. & Tues. 20-21/5/19

2 weeks for End of Session Break Tues. 21/5/19 – Fri. 31/5/19

Students Arrive for Commencement of 2018/2019 Session Sat. 1/6/19

Postgraduate students to resume along with the undergraduate students

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