It was a good day to be alive as a UITE and at the SRC chambers yesterday where the 6th Assembly led by Rt Hon Onifade A Bello made a hat trick of good decisions. In a sitting that took too many dramatic twists, the SU President, General Secretary and the Vice President received the hammer of the legislative council.

To me, this sitting should have come a long time ago. The SU President has dragged the age-long reputation of UISU into murky waters. It was the very first time I will see a President summon a congress that never held, you could easily pass the hallowed SUB foyer for a graveyard that fateful day. It is just like OAU’s amphitheater bring found on a SU congress day.

When i resumed as a fresher in UI, the kind of orientation I was given in Nnamdi Azikiwe hall by the likes of Teslim Ogundiran Teslim and Emeka Aniagboso was a radical one. Even if it was ‘perspe’, we were made to believe in the power of unionism and the power of Zikism even though the former has failed me in recent times. I spent the major part of my freshman year under Huntersola/Speaker’s tenure. The kind of unionism then was on point.

This is a union that was nowhere to be found as at 7 years ago, a union that some students fought for amidst threat to life and studentship, a union that had seen the ugly days of SUTC( management boys). It is an insult on those people if that same union fails to stand for its members. Never leave a man behind! So, they say.

Mr President has joked so much with the union that even vendors at SUB now scam our inexperienced freshers without caution or fear of being punished by the union. If that kind of act can be perpetrated right under your nose as a President, bury your head in shame!

You got your first chance and you failed, if by any chance you are ever reinstated by the SRC and you fail again.

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