Some students of the University of Ibadan have enjoined the Students’ Representative Council to probe the Students’ Union Executive members as they are perceived to be a bunch of irresponsible fellows.

This is contained in a letter of petition to the SRC written by two students against the Nifemi-led administration executives, accusing them of misappropriation of collective resources and negligence of duties to the Students’ Representative Council and how the council has been indifferent to the sanity of a corrupt and failing union leadership.

In a two separate letters titled ‘A Petition Against the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union’ and ‘Letter of Petition’ written by Mr. Atanda Toluwase and Mr. Adedokun Seyi respectively, they identified some key issues in their letters. On the Students’ Union week tagged ‘THE IVORY KWANZA’, they raised pertinent questions which they believed many UItes would have loved to ask. Questions like: “What happened to the #1million donated by Governor Ajibomi for the union?”; “Why have they not rewarded those who participated in the Inter-Varsity competition despite the huge sum of N15million approved for the week?”; “How much was realized by the Vice President from the sales of cakes and drinks?”; “Why did the Vice president allow the wastage of foods and drinks which could have been avoided if planned properly?” among other questions. They also expressed their displeasure at the Vice President’s nonchalant attitude as regards the students’ academics especially the fresh students whose academic performance last semester was woeful.

Also, in one of the letters, the Union’s state of account was addressed with direct emphasis on the responsibility of the treasurer as it was said that he has failed to perform his constitutional duty and his inability to fulfil promises made during electioneering. The letter reads: “The treasurer is either throwing party with the PRO or hanging out with friends and family. He promised us Pragmatic Accountability by publishing the Statement of Account monthly. But how that accountability has become pragmatic will not stop being a mystery to all of us…”

In the same vein, the letter identified the laxity and ‘incompetence’ of the PRO and the president over their failure to hold a congress which was announced and did not hold due to lack of adequate publicity. It was noted that the PRO might not have a Library and Publications Committee as provided in the Students’ Union Constitution; a pure act of irresponsibility.

The letter however enjoined the House to probe the revenues from the SUB shops and event centres as well as the reasons why the union bus is driven with carefree attitude even on campus.

On the other hand, it was said that the house should rather exercise their constitutional power of checks and balance, uphold constitutional provisions and should not condone any perceived negligence of duty on the part of the executives. This was pointed out in regards to the House resolution that the president should refund the money used for the production of banners which was described as a misplacement of legislative and constitutional provision making reference to the article XXV(B-IX) of the constitution which states that “any union official who, in his official capacity is guilty of improper expenditure shall be liable for misconduct and shall be referred to the disciplinary committee”.

The petitioners pleaded that their petitions be acted upon by the SRC following the due process and implored the speaker of the Students’ Representatives’ Council to do something about the issues raised in the petition and many other issues that would be raised by UItes, lest posterity slaps us in the nearest future.


Source: UCJ UI

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