UDUS Students – In her bid to ease the welfare of students dwelling at Bakasi Hall of Resident, necessary preparations have kicked-off by the Students’ Union of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto in order to provide the inhabitants with Students’ Union shop which students can purchase their daily-needed provisions.

The OWL Campus gathered that the Union has started restructuring one kitchen from each of the two blocks in the hostel to serve as Students’ Union Shop.

Recall that Bakasi residents have been wailing for lack for lack of some welfare amenities which the dearth of Students’ Union shop is among

Speaking with the Students’ Union President, Comrade Faruku Barade he assured that the SU shop construction has started and the furnishing will end in seven days time and Bakassi hostel dwellers stress will end and begin to enjoy.

He said:” This is the work of SU, we are making a shop for our students in this hostel to be a stress-free for them and it has started like this. In Sha Allah (If Allah Wills) in the next seven days, their stress will be put to an end and they will start enjoying”

While answering to the reason why the students’ kitchens are being used for the project, he said that, a room was given to them before for the shop only to find out that the room is Electricity room where wires and cables used to pass light in the hostel meet. He said when they found out that, the Dean student affairs visited the place, saw it himself and asked them to use any of the two kitchens that are closed to each other in both hostel blocks and that’s why they have decided to use the kitchen they are using now.

“The kitchen we used is the only hope we have because, we have been given a room here before, but, it is electricity room, it can’t be used. The Dean student affairs has visited the room and found out not suitable for the project, he then said we should use any of the two kitchens closed to each other in both hostels” he answered

He continued:” the students will have to bear with us because, we have caused them some inconveniences by using their kitchens but, they can still use the other kitchens for their cooking activities”

Barade however noted that the project is part of the bid of Students’ Union to ease the welfare of students 
He said:” I know our students here will appreciate this work because, we have brought peace into their living and end to their stress, they also know how they suffer before having a common (#10) pure water, they will have to get to the mini mart before buying it. But now, they will be buying it at rate of (#5) here. In fact, they will be buying all their petty things here at same rate that the SU shops in the campus sell it”

While interviewing some students in the hostels, they expressed their gratitude to the Students’ Union and some of them expressed mixed reaction over conversion of hostel kitchens to SU shop 
Adaramaja AbdulKabeer, a 100l-student of Business Administration who lives in block B of the hostels said, he was very happy to see the project that SU started in their hostel because it is a source of stress reduction to them and many things will be at their door step for purchase.

Adaramaja said:” I am very happy that SU has listened to us and has brought peace to us in this hostel. We have been living here uncomfortably because of the absence of mini mart, imagine we student from this place, walking for like 30 minutes to the school mini mart before buying petty things and now that they have decided to bring SU shop here, we thank God and wish them successful work”

He however expressed dissatisfaction over how they lost lost their kitchen for SU shop and said they supposed to have looked for another place rather thanging turning their kitchen to Shop

“I appreciate what they are doing but, what is paining me is that kitchen. They supposed to have looked for somewhere else rather than the kitchen. This is like we are sacrificing the kitchen for shop which will surely affect our cooking. Okay, if I buy cooking ingredients from them now, where did they want me to cook it?” He asked

Another student, Olaitan Felix, a 400-level student of Economics who lives in block A of the hostels expressed his appreciation and his opinion at same time, he said that, having the SU shop is very good and beneficial to them

Felix said:” The SU shop is very good because, there is no any market here and we find it very difficult to buy things, we have to go to the mini mart or the nearby village before buying things, so it is very nice for bringing the shop here”

Felix however advised the Students’ Union to ensure that stuff that would be sold in the market correlates with the need of students
“The challenge is all about what they will be selling, we don’t have much care on biscuits, groundnuts, candy and all those little things because, most of the nearby villages are also bringing it here but, what we care for are food stuffs like rice, garri, kerosene and those cooking ingredients including cold drinks. They should not just sell what they feel like selling but what the students need as hostel livers, because of the distance between this place and the school mini mart”He added

He however noted that he sees nothing bad in using Kitchens for SU shop as far as it’s for the benefit of students 
” I don’t see any bad in using the kitchens since what they are doing is still for our benefits, there are many kitchens in the hostel and meanwhile, there will be little inconvenient for a greater benefits. So, we have to bear with them” he said

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