Here are 25 great quotes ‘culled’ from FREEDOM FROM FEAR, CHOICES BEFORE THE NEW GENERATION – being a speech delivered by Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN at the 42nd Convocation ceremony on the 25th of November, 2016.

  • “The boys and girls of yesterday have become the men and women who define the developmental character of our nation and they are waiting for you all to join them to play your role”.
  • We are now in the realm and reality of constant expectations of miracles and divine intervention. Superstitions have taken over reason and logic”.
  • When we pass examinations, win football matches, conduct successful elections, or achieve any feat, we seem all too frightened and unsure of ourselves to take credit for even the most modest of successes attributable to our efforts. The first thing you hear is God did it. For the avoidance of doubt, I believe in God, and only He can question my faith”.
  • “There is nothing Divine in money making. It is entrepreneurship, production and hard work”.
  • “Sometimes of course, working hard does not always bring the expected results but it is better than not working hard”.
  • “Yes, God is a miracle worker. I believe, but he is not an unjust God who rewards those who make no effort at the expense of those who do”.
  • “However, I do not see how sacrifices are solutions to dreams. Dreams are scientific events occurring as a result of the Rapid Eye Movement during sleep at a stage when our brains are most active”.
  • “Let me reiterate again that I have no quarrel with faith. What I seek to advocate is the lack of FEAR, and the resort to faith out of conviction rather than as a result of FEAR. Fear takes choices away, and choices can and must be the product of conviction”.
  • “A mind taken over by fear cannot express free will and will therefore not fully optimize or benefit from the other freedoms”.


  • “Let us remember, that at least the two dominant faiths are not original to us. They are inherited. The propagators of the faith have made them personal affairs and not public ones”.
  • “Sadly, back home, the head of Governments, heads of ministries, and businesses, devote early mornings at work to prayers with their staff while productive man hours tick away, they do the same at home and on weekends, we socialise. In effect we spend a lot of time praying and socializing. How can this lead us to prosperity? If this is not faith influenced by fear, I do not know what it is. Again I reiterate, I do not criticise worship, but I am challenging you to think through the choices you will make”.
  • “We will not pray our way out of recession, we will plan, and produce our way back to prosperity and out of recession and you are the freshest, youngest and most energetic workforce we will have to work with”.
  • “You are the new batteries to power the engine of growth of our country. Your choices must be clear, free from fear, not reckless but driven by analytical thought, questioning and probing and ultimately determined by convictions”.
  • “In order to test the consequences of choices based on faith influenced by fear, I advise you to look at the world map and 2 (TWO) Island nations who are situated on the Northern Hemisphere.  I will not tell you their names. You find that out. But I will tell you they are close to each other. One believes in God and works hard. The other one is the home of voodoo and spends all time practising this. If you follow their history, the first one is prosperous and the second one seems to have made a permanent contract with poverty. This can be changed if and when they make the right choices”.
  • “We must choose to work our iron ore to produce steel and build skyscrapers, machines and tools like others do instead of worshipping the god of Iron”.
  • “We must probe the treasures of our forests and depths of our oceans as bastions of possibilities that we must manage and dominate instead of worshipping the god of the sea”.
  • “If we continue to fear the sea, oceans and waters we will perpetuate the practice of sacrifice, instead of undertaking the enterprise of understanding; and dominating them for energy and transport”.


  • “We must approach our rock formations as treasure troves of building materials like marble, tiles and granite rather than treat them as totems of salvation that require animal sacrifice”.
  • “I fully understand that some of you who have been raised in an environment dominated by your fear, may have been adversely affected by it. But let me assure you that freedom from fear is not the same as courage. Instead while fear is an emotion, freedom from it is the ability to overcome it by refusing to surrender to it. It comes from developing an ability to question things, to challenge the existing order and create a new order. It has been done before. It requires us to know our choices and beliefs and dispense with culture that is not dynamic”.
  • “If you surrender to fear, people less educated, less intelligent and less qualified than you will take over your minds, your homes and your decision making powers. Many of such people are confidence tricksters who will prosper at your expense by preying on your fear”.
  • “Therefore, let me say to you that while your education may not be perfect, while there may be challenges, there is room to improve on it, because your education does not end here. Indeed, your education has just started”.
  • “What you have learnt in the controlled environment of university classrooms will be subject to the test of real life situations. How you improve and educate yourself depends on how you use your minds”.


  • “There are now driverless cars, and men have landed on the moon and have communicated back to Earth on missions driven by freedom from fear, sheer dedication, hard work and an indomitable spirit that refused to surrender to divination, but persevered against the odds of failure before success was achieved”.
  • “How do you free your mind from impossibility, improbability, and unlikelihoods? The answer is simple. Remember always, that those words are negatives. Replace them with positive thoughts and actions. This is what frees your mind from fear and helps you to choose, to see solutions and to look for opportunities, instead of dwelling on and surrendering to problems. So, please look for the positive angle of a difficult situation, because there will be one, if you look hard enough”.
  • “I urge you to free your mind from fear, reach for the skies, choose by conviction and not by fear; trust in your abilities and God given talent, take responsibility, work hard and pray if you believe”.
  • “Yes, Sango is the god of lightning and thunder, but all the sacrifices made to Sango has not generated 1 (ONE) kilowatt of electric power. Electricity is produced by using nature’s gifts , such as gas, water, solar and wind, harnessing their capacity through turbines made from steel to serve our energy needs, not by making animal sacrifices”.



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