A guy dated a girl for 3yrs without sex, even after their Traditional marriage the girl did not still allow the guy to touch her. So the wedding day was fixed and the day before the wedding was
the bachelors eve. So all his friends were with their girl frnds and they were having Fun so he was very horny buthis fiancee turned him down
again and begged him to wait a little longer so he agreed.

At last d D-DAY finally came and the guy was waiting patiently for the wedding to be over…..at 6pm the latest couple was at home relaxing so the guy ask his wife to come to the bathroom with him but she said she is shy and can’t bath with him so the guy agreed so she went to take her bath first and after her bath she went to bed while her
husband also went to take his bath. when he finished bathing he came out naked to meet his
wife who was already asleep so he went to the bed and kissed her then she woke up and was panting when she saw her husband but he was already romancing her and she started crying begging
him to wait till nightfall but he was too horny so
he managed to control himself. she asked him to wait let her get sum rest that when she wakes
up he will do what ever he desires.

Around 9pm armed robbers attacked them,
they were 5 in number and the five of them took turn in raping his wife d first guy disvirgined
her, he couldn’t bear it, he cried as he watched those heartless men force themselves in his wife.
they left her unconscious. she was rushed to d hospital and when she regained her consciousness her husband sent her packing. Did d guy do d rite thing by sending her packing? if you were d guy what will you do?

Please friends, Be sincere. …

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