​The rate of unemployment in the country is really on the high side that one really wonders if there is any hope for the upcoming University graduates. However, some students have already started being their own boss and the OWL Campus Media had a chat with one of them.

​Can  we meet you?

– My name is Olakanye Modupe but popularly called Modhan. I’m a crocheter, crochet instructor,knitter,hair blogger,and model….a 400L student of Adeyemi College of Education,studying biology.
What motivated you into entrepreneurship and at an early age?

– What actually motivated me into entrepreneurship at an early age,I would say in my early twenties is the fact that I wanted to be a boss of my own,have my own time and most especially doing what I love with ease.
How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

– How I got the concept for my business was quite easy,I just wanted something unique and I could only get that from Crocheting &Knitting.

What was your greatest challenge starting up?

– Greatest challenge starting up was the finance aspect of it, less motivation 
 How do you balance managing your brands and school? 

– Balancing School and work wasn’t easy,but once you have passion for what you do,you will always have a space or two to squeeze…more so I just pray about it and I see God helping in so many ways,believe me.
What’s the toughest feedback you’ve ever received and how did you learn from it?

Toughest feedback from clients would be me not meeting their expectations….you know that kind of expression they give. After thinking you have done the best job…it’s just not nice. Haha! I’ve learnt so much from it, not to let that bring me down but to work harder and harder  and wow people with my works. 

What was your biggest mistake?

– Biggest Mistake? Dunno really know my biggest one…..maybe it was starting the business without knowing anything about my clients, marketing and costing too.
How did you deal with failure?

– I don’t let failure stop me from achieving my goals,I face it, learn from it which in turn assists me to be better 
Have you ever turned down a client?

– Well yes I have.
You are graduating soon What’s the next step for you career-wise?

– Next step for me is to fully concentrate on  expanding my business taking it to the next level.
 What point would you be able to say you are successful?

– When I am able to meet all my needs,my family’s,create job opportunities to people out there fighting for survival and give back  to the community at large…..then I can say am successful.

You are obviously a very busy person…  What do you do in your down time to relax?

– Listening to music, dancing,reading and watching TV.
We know things can’t be easy especially with the socio-economic situation right now so what  keeps you going?  

– I just keep motivating myself…I need not stop or get discouraged, my dreams must surely come true.
If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

– To not give up at all,work hard,pray and be patient.
We really hope most Nigerian youths can emulate from this lady and start up something, no matter how little.

There you have it, that is Mayowa Folami (Ziza), you can check her out on

Facebook: Modhupe Olakanye

Instagram: modhan_

Gmail: dupzzy24@gmail.com

Whatsaap: 08063904279

Thanks Mohan  for being our  “OWL-preneur”/ wife material of the month.

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