I write to appreciate all members of staff for the remarkable patience each one has exhibited with respect to issues arising from the shortfall in our personnel cost from December 2015 up till date. The university management has continued to solicit the understanding of the leaders of the staff unions while tremendous efforts have gone into these negotiations on all sides.

I am glad to notify us that the Federal Government has released the short fall of salaries covering the period between January to April 2016 in the afternoon of Saturday, 30 July 2016 and the details of payment to each member of staff is being worked out by the Bursary Department and Internal Audit Unit for payment in the next few days.
We must continue as a community to hold on, particularly because the economy of our dear country, shall, God willing, continue to improve, and we are bound to reap the benefits if we hold our heads high and pursue institutional goals which our beloved University is esteemed for.

I once again appreciate your patience, understanding, continued diligence to your various assignments and continued support on the financial state of the institution. I again, appeal to all members of staff to exercise some more patience as the rest of the short fall and the earned allowances are being resolved.
We equally thank the Federal Government for releasing part of the shortfalls and appeal to all members of staff to keep the peace while the University Management will continue to make frantic efforts to ensure that the outstanding shortfalls for December 2015 and May to July 2016 are paid.

The challenges arising from the government directives on the on-going restructuring of University Staff School are also being addressed. The Management of the University of Ibadan is working at synchronizing the interests of the stake holders to the overall vision and interest of the school, its stake holders and the university community which is the ultimate goal of all the stakeholders.

Thank you and God bless.

Idowu Olayinka
1st August, 2016

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