The OWL Model


The OWL Model is providing opportunities for new aspiring models wanting to further their career in the fashion, beauty or commercial modeling industry. We offer a personal tailor made service for each individual

We hand over practical information with guidance and support for new and emerging models over a blend of training, advice, work and casting opportunities, passed on experience and practical knowledge, ongoing networking opportunities, career tools and never ending support and advice.

We believe that every ethnicity, age, style, gender, and personality is beautiful and should be highly valued. Our goal is to create opportunities for those who may have been overlooked as well as to promote diversity within the industry.

We recognize that without people it would be impossible to carry our message into the world. We are aware that there are some in this world who may feel they are not ‘good enough,’ ‘pretty enough,’ or ‘talented enough.’ They may have been told these things at some time by others. An important message The OWL Model wants to send is that you are good enough, pretty enough, talented enough.






The OWL Model has one interest – to help create a platform for aspiring models to break into the industry. TOM assists models within the industry and passes along valuable knowledge that is helpful when entering the tough world of modelling.

That there is a place for everyone in this world. It is important to follow your dreams, to dream big and to stay encouraged.

At TOM we have an experienced and dedicated team of creative professionals whose aim is to provide the highest quality of training and support to ensure that each model receives full attention to their individual needs and walks out feeling confident and ready to take their first step in to the real world of modelling.