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Okeaola Oluwasegun Tiwalade is 400level student of Social Studies Department, College of Social and Management Sciences (COSMAS), Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) and a presidential candidate for the Students' Union Government election. He hailed from Omu-Ijebu, Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun State. He is a staunch politician and solicitous representative of students for several years in both departmental and college levels. He aims to fight against every form of inhumanity, injustice, unfairness, and callousness of the oppressors(management) towards the oppressed (students).

  • Can we meet you?

Good day! I am OKESOLA OLUWASEGUN TIWALADE, Popularly Known As: SETIOK; which is coined from the first two alphabets of my names, SEGUN-SE, TIWALADE-TI and OKESOLA-OK. I am an indigene of Omu, Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun State. I am a 400L undergraduate of Social Studies Department, from the heart beat of the university: College of Social and Management Sciences (COSMAS), Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED).

  • What are you vying for and why?

I am vying for the uppermost post in TASUED students union which is the apex post, Students’ Union Government President (SUG PRESIDENT). I am vying for this humble post to:

  1. Serve as a mouthpiece and a critical link between the management and the students by speaking for our rights which the management has made us view as a privilege.
  2. Fight against every form of inhumanity, injustice, unfairness, and callousness of the oppressors(management) towards the oppressed (students) such as unfavorable policies of “No School Fees, No Test”, “More than 2 Carry Over, No Teaching Practice”, “Payment of #1000 to the bursary to print school fees receipt after logging in 3 times on your portal to print school fees receipt”, No Green File Clearance, No Exam”, etc.
  3. Agitate for the provision of more and better infrastructural facilities such as Public Address System in General Classes, Fans in Classrooms, Street Light on Campus, Increment in the ATMs on campus and shelter canopy for the other ATMs such as Skye Bank, Diamond Bank, etc. where students always queue under the hot & scorching sun while waiting to withdraw money, Good walkways on campus, etc.
  4. Agitate for better medical personnel and medical equipment’s at the school clinic.
  5. To visit and meet the SUG in other schools so as to establish a cordial relationship whereby we learn from them and they learn from us and they can also be of help at times of need.
  • As a Presidential Aspirant, how can creative thinking be encouraged among the student?

Creative thinking can be encouraged among the students by channelling words of inspiration and motivation to them in their teeming populace, organising creative programs to explore and develop the hidden talents embedded within them which they have but haven’t utilized to their utmost best or under utilized in a non-chalant manner. Experts in creative fields would be used as resource persons to encourage students to be creative in all spheres as Nigeria is fast moving into a technological advanced country like other countries of the world and very soon technology will do almost all things that human efforts would have been needed for. Students would learn to think and invent.

  • Polls show that most students think students’ union doesn’t function. What would you do to fix the underlying structures and systems that seem to be broken?

This 2016is partially right. Students’ union do function but not to her utmost best and expected heights due to the vices of some of the past Union leaders who betrayed students and sold our rights to get jobs from the management, for paltry sums of naira and material gain unjustly from the management which will not last them forever, and even for the rest of their lives. The caucus segregation is also a germane problem which has hindered the unity and progress of the union and posed a major threat to our unity. I would fix these problems by talking meritoriously to my executives letting them know that yes, we all hail from different caucus such as: Confidence (My Abode), Tradition, Integrity and Averter but we need to eliminate caucus interest and fight for students interest. SUG connotes Students Union Government. The word ‘Union’ in the SUG must be utilized because it is paramount and it means unity. If each and every executive member, regardless of their caucus see each other as one undivided entity, we would move towards the land of attainment.

  • What would be your first achievement if you emerge as the SUG President?

The first thing I would do if I emerge as the SUG PRESIDENT of TASUED is to give all thanks to God Almighty, the most merciful and call a congress meeting through the general secretary in consultation with the speaker to thank all TASUEDites for their support during the electioneering process and seeking for their immeasurable, unending and uncompromising support throughout the regime come rain, come sunshine.

  • Separation of Students’ Union Account from the management account has been an unassailable task for the past union leaders. What steps would you take to achieve the unachievable?

I am an advocate of Independence and at such, I believe that the Students Union Account should be separated from the management account even though it has been an herculean task so far, in the past. If these accounts are separated, the SUG will become autonomous in operation & will have enough finance to do several projects for the ever-hopeful TASUEDites which will benefit all and sundry for now & beyond. The plan I have to achieve this is to use the first C in Aluta which is Consultation to meet with the management with my executives & giving them reasons the accounts must be separated. If we are on a cross road, I will use the 2nd C in Aluta Consolidation which I hope they would conform to our requirements and rights without needing to use the last C which is Confrontation.

  • How would you describe this institution to someone who is visiting for the first time? 

I will describe our citadel of learning, TASUED to someone that comes visiting for the 1st time as an institution where we are tutored, tailored, cultured, and cautioned consciously in our academic activities geared towards producing great teachers and professionals in varying fields of endeavours so as to contribute their humble quota to the growth, development and betterment of Nigeria as an independent territory and also to the ever evolving world.

  • As a leader that is ready to serve, what would you say are the major challenges of the students and how would you handle them?
    The major challenges of students are:

Enactment of Unfavourable Policies, such as:

  • No School Fees, No Test
  • More than 2 carry over no Teaching Practice
  • No Green File clearance, No Exam
  • Payment of #1000 to reprint a school fees receipt after logging in 3 times to print the receipt portal.
  • Payment of another unthoughtful & unjust fees, etc.

Lack of Basic Infrastructures, such as:

  • Lack of fans in our classrooms
  • Lack of power supply on campus and around the communities
  • Lack of power supply via street light on campus for easy mobility at night
  • Lack of enough ATM’s, etc.

Transportation fare increment from #50 to #70

Bad medical services in our medical centre

Lack of care for students living around the school communities, Example, for the past 5months, students living at Ijele have experienced a total blackout due to the spoilt transformer & the management have decided to pay deaf ears to the plight of Ijele-living students.

Students are disobedient as they mostly go against their union leaders and any proclamation of the SUG due to their nonchalant and self-centered attitudes. I will handle these problems with the use of the three C’s in Aluta that we know: (1)Consultation (2)Consolidation and (3)Confrontation. I am not afraid to use the last C in Aluta if the management refuse to listen to our plight after we have exhausted the means of consultation & consolidation.election-campaign-blood

  • How do you intend to communicate your goals to the students if you emerge as the SUG President?

I intend to communicate my goals if I emerge as the SUG president by operating an open door policy which accommodates students & through that I would listen to the plights of students & proffering solutions to the problems they are faced with. I will also introduce an innovation called “TASUEDSU CAMPUS ALERT”, which will be used to dispense important information to all TASUEDites at at once, in which they will all receive a notification via message inbox via SMS and other plans we are working on. I will also delegate duties to my executives so as to employ the division of labour which makes it work easier and faster. I will make sure I maintain a cordial relationship with all my executives, even as they discharge their duties.


  • What is the biggest challenge you think TASUED student unionism is facing today & what changes do you think could be made to make it a  better or more effective for the students populace?

The biggest challenge that TASUED Unionism are encountering today is COWARDICE. FEAR and TREPIDATION has replaced courage and confidence that the likes of Plato, Stainless, Osas and other comrades exhibited in unionism at one time or the other in the past. The changes I would make goes thus:

  1. Orientating my fellow executives to eliminate fear, cowardice & trepidation & embrace courage and confidence.
  2. Standing for our rights regardless of threats to our certificate or results.
  3. We need to embrace moral and vocal rectitude so as to liberate ourselves from the dungeon of oppression.
  4. The SPC (Students Parliamentary Council) and SUG (Students Union Government) executives should embrace unity and uphold bit as it makes us build a formidable team that will be an antagonist to the management to fight against all unfavourable policies of the management. “Divided we Fall, United we Stand”.
  • Tell us one mistake students’ union leaders have made in the past which you witnessed

The students union leaders in the past made some horrible mistakes such as:

  1. Signing box callous policies into law and enactment, e.g. “More than 2 carry over, no teaching practice.
  2. Fighting for caucus interest over students interest.
  3. Embezzlement of funds meant for the students welfarism.
  4. Refusal to use the last C in Aluta (Confrontation) after consultation & consolidation have been exhausted.
  5. Keeping mute in the face of tyranny.
  6. Neglecting the power of media
  7. Collecting bribe and material gains from the management
  8. Cowardice has eaten deep into us and we can’t speak out even when we have fire burning us underneath our cloth.vote
  • If we ask someone who knows you why students should not vote for you, what do you think they would say?

If you ask someone that knows me why students should NOT vote for me, they will say: There is no reason because having fought for students’ right at my hostel as the President, at my department as the erstwhile HOC, at the College Level as the erstwhile COSMASSA P.R.O., squaring up to unjust lecturers, standing for students rights, then he is not the best candidate but he is better than the rest candidates because his confidence defies intimidation, threat, & even death because if you kill my body, you can’t kill my soul.

  • Do you work better individually or as part of a team?”

I work better both individually and as part of a team but most Importantly, I believe in the power of “teamwork” which is an undivided force that can break the strongest of mountains, uproot the strongest of trees, and make achievement of the impossible very possible, feasible and realistic.


Thank you!
This is my case, judge me.



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