• Can we meet you?

Akeula kafayat is my name, a 400l student of English Language department in College of Humanities (COHUM).

  • What are you vying for and why?

I’m vying for the post of Vice President in the Students’ Union

  • Since you joined TASUED politics, has the field changed for women? If so, how?

No it hasn’t due to the fact that females are afraid to contend with their male counterparts in the field. It takes only a lion-hearted lady(determined and courageous) to stepped out and contest for the position of president or any other key posts because of the stress.

  • As a Vice Presidential Aspirant how can Academic Excellence be encouraged among the students?

The only way an academic excellence can be achieved is by giving a proper orientation and organizing an academic symposium to tasuedites at large. I think this will re-orientate most of Tasuedites in what steps to take when dealing with academics stuff.

  • What are your top three tips for being an effective leader?
  1. An effective leader must be able to lead and not to rule
  2. Must be able to represent the interest of his/her followers to the maximum
  3. The utmost and priority of a good leader must be the welfarism of its people and to take good care of it.
  • How can the Gender Gaps In TASUED Unionisim can be addressed?

In as much as there is no segregation and gender inequality, with the potential of a good leadership quality, gender gap in tasued unionism will be mild.

  • What access do Students have to Union decision making?

If Tasued unionism is reformed, Tasuedites should be able to trust the union as they are there to represent their interest not for any selfish reason, because I observed that most of the people has lost hope in the union but I will say this is the right time for the reformation.

  • Issue of tutorial as also been a major problem on this campus as some people are using it for political game. How can it be addressed?

It is constitutionally stated that the office of the Vice President is in charge of tutorials, i will implore tasuedites especially those who want to display their genius to register with their college Vice President in order to take cognizance of their colleges. I think with this it will be highly resolved

  • Tell us about one thing that is unique or remarkable about you. 

My uniqueness is based on the insight I have for unionism, my maturity and how I handle and tackle issues.

  • How do you intend to communicate your goal if you emerge?

“Many people have sight but do not have insight and it takes insight to rule the affairs of the world” with the 3c (consultation, consolidation and confrontation) I will be able to echo the philosophy of humanitarianism.

  • What is the biggest Challenge you think TASUED student unionism is facing today & what changes do you think could be made to make it a  better or more effective for the students’ populace?

The biggest challenge in TASUED unionism and the way forward… well, the first challenge is unity because, it is called students’ union but is there any unity among the Students’ union leaders?

The second one is not voting for the capable persons due to propensity. Also, betrayal of its apogee from co-colleges just because they want your down fall just to mention a few because they are enormous. The only effective change is to reform TASUED unionism with people of likes mind, which I hope is the right time.

Thanks for this wonderful interview to all the OWL Campus Media Crew. I am really elated and I remain my humble self Akeula Kafayat.

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