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#TasuedDecides: TASUED Student Union Aspirants Manifestoes

Tasued Student Union Election process continue as the aspirant manifesto hold today 8th December 2015.

The race is getting tough as the aspirant are promising the students populace what they want to offer them.

Below is the Plans and agenda of the aspirant ;

Com. Aje Amidu Olawale

I believe in collective responsibility without losing sight of individual accountability, if given the mandate, I intend to set up on Administration that will operate on my following agenda:

– Our Hero Status (Humble TJ)
– Creation of Student Senate
– Establishment of Aluta Market
– Health care service
– Eradication of officious Redtapism.
– Student Welfarism
– Releases of Academic Result on semester basis.
– Breakdown of School Fees.

Finally, it is my submission that we all need a clear sense of direction in unionism awareness & ideological orientation in order to justify the Leader which we are by right, entitled to.

Com. Oloyede Gravity Ganiyu
The following are my sincere plans to achive if opportune to emerge as the No 1 servant of the Central Executive Council, TASUED Students’ Union SUG President.

– To revive back interest of the students to Students’ Union activities.
– Agitation of needful upgrading of ICT facilities for students convenience.
– Make counts all constructive opinions of TASUEDites which is one of my main capital projects.
– Facilitating infrastructural development that will ensure conducive learning environment.
– Organizing of sensitization programs & time to time meeting of congress to channel the interest of the populace to appropriate channel.

I would not want to make much saying & unrealistic promises like many will do. I believe we Tasuedites are wise, we know what we deserve, what we want & how to get it is what we decide by the choice of our vote.

Com. Onasanya Sesan
Greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. A great leader is nit necessary to do the greatest things but to make the people to do the greatest things.
– Adequate Security
– Academic Improvement
– Provision of permanent public address system in all general course lecture hall to enhance effective learning of the student
Issues of missing script which may lead to unwarranted carry over
– My administration will ensure that the departmental & general courses results are released on time.
– Agitation for better transportation & no to illegal increment of transport fare.

My watch word “GOOD Legacy” we meet to depart, & depart to meet again. I am meticulously counting on you, let’s do it together. You can, we can, Togetherness we can achieve it.

Com. Ogunwale Akin Pius
A prisoner needs not be told candidly that hard-labour is part & parcel of the tasks ahead of him; when he gets to his destination, which is the house of reformation & also he who wants to wear the crown needs not be told that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

– Conducive Environment for learning
– Negotiation on Management Policies
-Symposia & Seminars on Career Development
– Accessibility to library and extension of Reading hours
– Street Light on Campus
– Creation of Aluta Market
– Creation of StudentsToilets
– Creation of Relaxation Centre with Maintenance Plan
– Proper Consultation of Electricity
– Close attention for good healthcare delivery
– Creation of Appropriate quarters for Student Harassment
– Proper checking on Campus Shuttle with Safety

Com. Ogunmade Hakeem Shola ( Computer Science) Innovation 2015
I believe in the philosophy which says that no man can live in isolation, if given the mandate to serve as the SUG President, my government shall work in conjunction with all other elected executives so as to ensure proper representation & good governance.
Agitation for provision of public address system to aid effective learning
To ensure the release of result & transcripts as at due.
To Ensure the organization of education & empowerment programmes
Innovation of yearly academic project
There shall be proper agitation for the extension of school fee deadline.
Eradication of more than 2 carryover no teaching practices.

There shall be stabilization on price of consumes on campus
Eradication of ill treatment given to the students at the school clinic.
Innovation of substantial relationship with the leaders of students’ residential area to ensure maximum security of the students.
Rehabilitation of existing street light to assure adequate security in case night reading & innovation of more at other strategic places.
Rehabilitation & innovation of toilets within the school vicinity aided with adequate water supply.
Realization of the school health week

Innovation of current social activities & establishment of new activities such as cultural stimulation.

Maintaining& innovating the existing sporting activities on campus.

– I shall ensure the stabilization of transport fee, reduction of harassment to a bearable minimum
– Provision of free shutting hour (FSH).

– Introduction of school bulletin for effective dissemination of information.
– Revival of the lost spirit of alutarianism to ensure effective delivery.

Hon. Folaranmi Abdul-Gafar Tosin ( HHM Department) Alteration 2015
Driving towards a better & transparent Students’ Union Governance in Tasued, I promise to;
– Facilitate modern toilet & repair of exiting one
– Facilitate studies scheme to encourage the challenge that are among us (work & Studies)
– Facilitate the fast tracking process of semester base release of transcripts
– Prompt respond to students victimization within & outside the campus
– Rapid respond to issue of missing scores.
– Facilitate monthly feedback from management.

Ironically, It is not the size of the dog that counts in a fight but the fight in the dog. You have to realize that together we have a serious task in building & formidable TASUED unionism, free of deficiency & full of Opportunities.


Com. Ibiokoro Sarah

– I promise to perform all my constiutional duties.

My Feasibility studies about the problematic situation on our Campus;
– Lack of vibrant, articulate &  dynamic representation at the union level
Lack of adequate derelict Educational aids such as advanced public address system, marker board at general classes.
– Sexual harassment &  intimidation on students both ASSU staff &  NASU staff on campus.
-Mass missing Scores, missing script.
– Mass Failure amongst student, to mention but few.

My Preferable Solution;
– Facilitating of semester base release of transcript.
– Prompt response to issue of missing scores.
– Facilitating & introduction of motivational  scheme to encourage student to do more better academically.
– Re-branding of quiz/debate amongst department & college.
– Prompt promotion of gender equality &  reason for leadership roles.
– Representing Tasudites at large in order to move from the shackles &  malarkey of unwanted oppressors.
– Functional toilets for all students with proper maintenance
– Open door government for all.

Com. Omotolani Johnson

– Total resolvement for E-exam and E-test in conjunction with an international company name SITEC TECHNOLOGIES,by bringing 200 to 300 computer gadgets to school vicinity at no charge or cost for sensitization and orientation to all students
– In conjunction with cities wealth and financial institution (CIC),will organize a seminar and workshop on how to make use of carbon products and saw-dust particles to produce domestic utilities like perfumes, trays, speakers handlers, home theatre receivers,pots e.t.c which will be sources of income to students before they graduate and after graduation.
– Looking on how to assists handicapped students to establish a means of concession for the payment of the tuition fees.


Com. Akeebu Musa Olalekan (Pragmatism 15)
– To keep proper documentation of TasuedSU &  act in absence of the General Secretary.
– Organizing a meaningful & standard orientation & re-orientation for Tasuedites.
– Assist the Vice-President in all academic plans such as missing scores, ID cards etc.
– Ensure victimization of students within &  outside the school Campus is halted.
– Operate an open door policy &  never policy Jeopardize the interest of Tasuedites

Com. Adeleke Warith ( Service ’15)

– Putting a Landmark in the mind of all Tasudites through Laudable service, massive agitation against any oppressor who tampers with our students Fundamental right.
– I will not only speak for TASUEDites but bring to you a selfless Sacrificing service
– Bring to the doorstep of the student Details &  update about NANS activities & will agitate for a NANS  notice board on campus.
– I will sever tremendously according to our Constitutional Right.

Com. Omoba Michael (Enthusiasm ‘ 15)

I will carryout my Constitutional Duties Perfectly.
– Creating a good relationship with the welfare director to brainstorm together to ensure proper welfarism of the entire student populace.
– Supporting the Vice President to ensure academic Excellence.


Com. Egunjobi Babatunde
– Revitalization of the use of Notice Board
– Facilitation of Cordial relationship among HOCs, General Governors, Department, Colleges & other association PRO’s
– Prompt use of the union website, Facebook page &  other social media which the union have an account in.
– Construction of a suggestion box in collaboration with the office of the General Secretary tagged VC Explain This (VET).
– The Creation of a Public Relation Team
– Creation of the Union Hot-Line which will available 24/7.


Femi SNOWPEA (Omo ologo)

– The lack of information will be seriously be look into..by making sure our events go viral even beyond Tasued community
– To improve and standardize social activities in TASUED both entertaining and educational
– Christmas carol
–  Face of Campus and Awards TASUED (FOCAT)
– Tasued Music festival
– A 3 day carnival
And also and support educational and effective events on campus and so on
In the coming regime, even if it going to be short, I believe it’s possible that thing that disturb me even in my sleep is to transform Tasued into a social better Abel community to meet contemporary challenges

Com. Awodipe Oluwaseyi
– Work hand in hand with the school to contribute to the social activities.
– Work on contributing my part toward the social growth of Tasued in consultation with professional social celebrities &  figures.
– Help in trending the face of popular student of the week in conjunction with the press &  media house in school.
– Work on promoting awareness earlier before &  on the day of any social event in the school.
– Work hand in hand with each college social director &  departmental social director for the success of the school.
– Make sure I work towards bringing a popular artist into the school.
– Host &  participate in social event together with social institution across the state.

More Manifestoes will be upload soon &  with the visual Manifestoes of the President & the Vice Presidential Aspirants.


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