• Can we get to know you please?

I am Rt.Hon. Prince Ogungbe Idris Adedamola, popularly known as I-D CABASA, a one-timeSpeaker of the Tai Solarin Students’ Parliamentary Council.

  • For those who are not well informed about TASUED, can you tell us about TASUED?

TASUED is an acronym for the prestigious pioneer University of Education in Nigeria, second of its kind in Africa and eighth in the world. TASUED was established in the year 2005 during the leadership of His Excellency,Otunba Gbenga Daniel, as the Governor of Ogun state.

  • Can you please share some of your experiences in TASUED as a student and also tell us about your role in the development of the school?

I had a lot of experience while in TASUED ranging from the academics to unionism and religion.  It was a nice experience to have been a student leader in TASUED.

Throughout my days in TASUED, I was a developer – through that, I was able to work with different people on different projects. The first I can remember was the Voice ofTASUED (V.O.T) platform where I worked with the likes of Comrade Dada Stephen,Dansu Setin, Odozi Henry Freeman, Rt.Hon.Ishola Adebayo Monsur, D.J Tino, Amuludun Motunrayo.  Thank God that project is still alive.

I was actively involved in the sustainability of TASUED struggle (OCCUPY TASUED) as the Chief Whip of the Students’ Parliamentary Council during the “welfarism 2011/2012” regime which was ably led by Comrade Oyekanmi Abdullahi (PLATO) and my predecessor, Rt.Hon.Adeleke Abraham Seyi.

I also worked relentlessly with the 2011/2012 Parliamentary House in achieving the Parliamentary Chamber.

  • You were once a Speaker of the Student Union, what was your experience as one of the student representatives, what were your greatest challenges and gains?

During my days as the Speaker of the TASUED S.P.C, I worked diligently, reasonably and tirelessly with my President and the entire Liberation 2012/2013 team to ensure that students who were yet to pay their school fees were allowed to sit for exams.

  • What are your comments on TASUED @ 10?

Knowing TASUED will be 10 is something we should all be glad about because some years back, we never thought it would still be in existence.  But, we thank God its happening and therefore, I’d like to use this medium to urge all stakeholders to contribute more to the development of the institution.

  • What are the notable changes and victories recorded on TASUED’s ten year journey; are there wrongs that should be amended or stopped for the advantage of the institution?

Yes! There have been changes and victories. Parts of those changes are: the Governing Council,mode of exams, the United Alumni Association, new structures/buildings and the enabling environment.

The victory is to see the university conducting convocations again.

Cultism and prostitution should be curbed for the betterment of the institution.

  • Where do you see TASUED in the next 10 years and afterwards?

I see TASUED being the best university in Nigeria and amongst the highest ranking universities in Africa.

  • What are your final words?

Wishing TASUEDites a successful stay on campus and academic excellence; the alumnus of TASUED more success in their future endeavors; and in all, a greater and better TASUED.


Those of us who are University veterans will never forget our years in Tasued. Some of us may like to forget our “Experience”, but in general it is a time filled with anticipation, some anxiety, and wonderful discoveries.

University is a lot different from high school. Your experience will definitely make an impression on you. Without doubt though, the most dramatic experience is for those that  have never lived outside their parents’ box before. What can you expect as you head off into the wonderful world of higher education?


The Question is what kind of memory do you have as a Student of Tai Solarin University of Education?.

You can post your Experience to us via the below comment box, or on Whatsapp +2347058266293 or via email info@theowlmedia.com

His ThrowBack Picture 

The launching of cosmas parliamentary council mace by me.
Him and the leader of COAEVOT 2012/13 regime during his signing out in TASUED
Himself presiding over a parliamentary session

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