Unless either of the parties backs down, a showdown is imminent between ITEC and one of the Presidential candidates in the Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union election 2018, Akinwunmi Akeem popularly known as “Versatile “.

The aspirant is demanding the cancellation of the election results held last week over the abnormalities which occurred during the process, claiming that it was “compromised”.

In what transpired in the last week election, it was reported that the other presidential aspirant’s score was falsified to make him emerge as winner, Abeboun Olamide who was reported to have scored “81”, was upgraded to “85” in College of Vocational and Technology Education COVTED Polling Unit which it generated controversies among the electorates saw him emerged as winner due to perceived favouritism.

The student affirmed the declaration of the Dean of Students’ Affairs who confirmed the original result to be 81 through the counting of ballot papers but dramatically the Dean of Students who confirmed the result claimed he knew nothing about the election upon the interference of an external force.

In a statement released by the aggrieved presidential aspirant; Akinwunmi Akeem who declared an upfront battle for his stolen mandate, he affirmatively outlined that he remains the TASUED SU Presidential elect by majority votes he has garnered. While lamenting over the procedures to petition against the declaration of ITEC, he vowed that he was ready to fight with the last drop of his flowing blood in his veins to retrieve his mandate.

He said, “It’s a known fact that ITEC has pronounced Adeboun Olamide as the winner of the election he never won and there is little to what the school management can do to restrict the decision of the ITEC because the management team are subjected to the state government.”

“I have nothing against the management but as for ITEC, I remain the TASUEDSU president-elect and with the last drop of blood flowing in my veins, I am ready to retrieve my mandate because it is my right, not a privilege. I’ve been chosen by the majority and there is no way the decision of TASUEDITES can be changed by any government appointee”

“Had it been there is a working system, it would be easy for me to channel my petition to the tribunal but it is just unfortunate that there is no election tribunal in place in TASUED”. On this note, I hereby declare that the battle for my mandate continues”, He added.

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