The Independent Tai Solarin University of Education Students’ Union Electoral Commission ITEC Chairman 2018/2019, Hon. Ajayi Emmanuel has emphatically stated that this year’s Students’ House of Senate (SHS) elections will be based on e-voting system.

During an interview with the independent Press Council Tasued, He expressed satisfaction with the activities of the CEC election despite the decries by some people over irregularities in the proceedings. In his response, while reacting to the post-CEC election. He said “Actually everyone has the right to react on what they think it’s unfair.

“I think the bone of contention in the last election was the presidential results and ITEC announced the results available with them and the aggrieved presidential aspirant has taken many steps which we have witnessed”.

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He furthermore explained that the reason for delaying the Students’ House of Senate (SHS) election was as a result of what transpired in the last CEC elections, he said “During the last CEC election we all witnessed what happened and for security purpose, we delay the SHS election for the right time”

While speaking on the proceedings and status of how the SHS election will be done via E-Voting, He however stated emphatically that the SHS election will be done through E-voting because of the issues that emanated at the recent CEC election and hence the e-voting shall be transparent because there will be viewing centre for proper monitoring of the E-election.

He stated that it was the ITEC idea to use the e-voting system because the management doesn’t have an interest in the election. Speaking on the modalities for the elections, he said “prior the commencement of this E-election/voting, we shall educate/orientate TASUEDITES on the procedure and benefit of this E-election.

However, TASUED isn’t the first institution that will practice E-election as it’s done in UNILORIN, FUNAAB, FCE-ABK etc. We are in a globalized world”. “Before the commencement of this election, we shall create an avenue to educate Tasuedites and also sample their opinions”.

The ITEC Chairman stressed that the union can’t continue with the ballot voting based process; that’s why there’s need to test-run this E-election at this dispensation. When quizzed on possible influence from the management, he said “There won’t be any interference from the management because we’re the one that proposed this E-voting.

ITEC is the one that will conduct the election while the school management shall provide us with the necessary facilities and anyone that doesn’t register for this E-election shall not be eligible to vote”.

He further said “anyone that doesn’t register will not vote because there will be a code that will be sent to the person to vote”. When asked when the SHS E-election will be done, he said: “Next week by God grace”.

While speaking on the disenfranchisement of some Tasuedites especially with this new innovation, he assured that it would be checkmated, he said: “We have thousands of students on campus, so those who have an interest shall participate even in Nigeria not all citizens participate in the election”.

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