In the last few months, the Rehabilitation Team was entrusted with the leadership of TASUED Students’ Union Government by TASUEDites without recourse religious creeds, colleges or departments of where the current executives come from, the peaceful conducts of that election added with with the attitudinal display of all goes further to strengthen TASUED’s democratic credentials in students’s Unionism. It need therefore to be said that within these months;we are not oblivious of the daunting tasks and irreconcilable expectations from students constituencies.

An objective analysis of this team shows areas where there had been appreciable developments and apt fulfillments of our campaign promises,while few unexpected challenges have also reared its in TASUED Unionsim. We hold this prism that students’ union activists are political elites in training,hence the challenges encountered in our assignments in serving TASUEDites are lessons for the greater responsibilities.

However, it is pertinent to lay bear some of the achievements of the Rehabilitation team within the sphere of allotted time;

  1. Eradication of ‘one carry-over no Teaching Practice’ which would have crystallize into extra year for the supposed victims.
  2. Extension of green file submission two times on behalf of the then newly admitted students,a gesture if not done would have led to the usual extra financial charges.
  3. Responsible and responsive attitudes to students issues
  4. Extension of deadline for the payment of school fees.
  5. Completion of students union hostel.
  6. Solicitation for the renovation of lecture rooms, departmental offices and college .
  7. Solicitation for lightening of class rooms for students need.
  8. Facilitation of WI-FI service within the school premises.
  9. Introduction of inter-college debate, the edition which was won by Cosmas
  10. Introduction of talent hunt IGT ( IJEBU GOT TALENT)
  11. Introduction of tricycle named KEKE AUNTY YEMISI
  12. Rebranding of TASUED Beauty Pageantry, Most Beautiful Girl in TASUED (MBGT).
  13. Timely inauguration of the Judicial arm of the students Union

Greatest TASUEDites;having achieved these and others that were not mentioned,it is our belief that Students union in TASUED is premised on greatness if succeeding regime takes up from where we might likely stop. I urge us to let us cooperatively forge ahead in sincerity and collective sacrifices in serving this University.

Also,using this medium to felicitate with our fellow students who are graduating from their various departments, we are wishing them best of luck in all their endeavor and also hitch-free of extra year by the grace of almighty God.

Wishing you all the rest of your life the best of your life.

We thank you all for your supports,objective criticisms and prayer,let us make it a continuum for a better TASUED.

Thank you all!

Com. Waheed Ismail Olawale (duduboi)

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