The mild breeze of the morning mist brushed through my window. I woke up and couldnt help but marvel at the greatness and joy embellished in today coupled with an appreciative heart to God,For HIS All -Sufficiency..

Its My Final Week in University and am also signing out. I just couldn’t concede the glowing gestures of happiness walking its way into my heart, body and soul. Reminiscing on how I boarded the train of University education, with the ultimate goal of Success.

The last four years has bin filled with a lot of experience learned from diverse sphere of humans. It seems to me in 2011 that my final days in University was a trillion miles away, have always yearned for this day as Impromptu Test and unimaginable attendance were taken almost everyday, the 1,460 days kept crawling slowly like a snail, 8 Semesters covering 62 Courses became my alarm notepad but I took solace in my course adviser’s words of advice which kept lingering in my heart.

As every student’s goal is to succeed and graduate with credible grades, Night reading and research became my daily routine, with each semester bringing forth its own breed, the countdown to last days in school could not be ignored.

It didnt dawn on me that the train is almost @its final destination because I was so engrossed with school, the fact that I will miss my Alma-mata, course mates and Disciplined but caring lecturers rated 100 in my mind.
Sigh of fulfillment  didn’t cease to appear on my face as different signatures found way on my white polo.
With the Evergreen Slogan- I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED blowing softly in the air, the smiles on my mates’ faces brought joy and happiness to my heart that we finally made it through.
4 Years of Togetherness, 4 years of Excellence, 4 years of learning, 4 years of Actualizing Victory…

TO GOD BE THE GLORY because HE Alone is worthy of my Halleluyah..

#1st Degree-Mass-Communication. Done and Dusted.. TASUED STANDS TO BE THE BEST 




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