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I’m Lawal AbdulAfeez Arishekola, 2014/2015 set of the prestigious University of Education in Nigeria, College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology, Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Business Education Unit. I’m a native of Kwara State. Born and Raised in Lagos, and, undergoing my 1 year mandatory NYSC service in the far eastern state of Anambra, Nigeria.

-For those who are not well informed about TASUED? Tell us little about TASUED.

Tai Solarin University of Education is the first University of Education in Nigeria. It is located in Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State. The university was named after the Nigerian educational administrator and human rights activist Tai Solarin (1922–1994). It is the second University approved in Ogun State, and the 76th approved university in Nigeria. It was proclaimed a full-fledged university by the former governor of Ogun state, His Excellency Otunba Gbenga Daniel on 29 January 2005. The former Tai Solarin College of Education was approved by the Nigerian Universities Commission in 2005 as a university after a thorough analysis and appraisal of its facilities’ academic brief.
The four colleges in the university includes:
College of Applied Education and Vocational Technology (COAEVOT)
College of Science and Information Technology (COSIT)
College of Social and Management Sciences (COSMAS)
College of Humanities (COHUM)

Could you please share some of your experiences in Tasued and your roles to the development of the school as a student? 

I had the opportunity of serving in various capacities as a students’ activist & desirous Unionist during my days in the illustrious tower of learning.
To start with, the crystalline and well-defined mission of TASUED is more than enough to transform a lamebrain into an einstein of ingenuity and adroitness. I’d the actuality of being saddled with the responsibility to serve in the Students’ Union Government Fourth Estate, Independent Press Council (I.P.C), as a member before rising to the apex of being the Chief Press Officer (C.P.O) and this served as a savoir-faire to sophistication and perspicacity in the journalism realm in my life.

To continue with, the penchant to selflessly work for the assemblage of TASUEDITES weren’t limited to Independent Press Council after the expiration of my tenure, afterwards, the baton of leadership was bestowed on me in the third estate of the Government, as the Chief Justice (C.J) of the Students’ Union Government, bearing to my appositeness in the Students’ Bar Association (S.B.A) as a great constituent, one-time P.R.O, and most especially the suitable applicability of the constitution & champion of justice cum fairness among all.

As an active students in School during your time, how as Tasued Contribute to your Career?

All glory belong to God for His unending grace. Still, I doubt if someone can be a better TASUEDITE more than myself. One of the ways TASUED contributed to my career is how to be versatile, because I adeptly combined Academic, Unionism (SUG) & Religion (MSSN) together with none disturbing the other.
Also, the act of effectively impart into others. And improvising, or of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation are part of the ways TASUED imparted in me. Not forgetting the ability to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations and difficulties too.

Those are some modus TASUED has contributed to my career, not forgetting the crucial impact of her motto; Integrity & Selflessness, as chief-contributor to my calling.
Indeed! TASUED renewed, revamped & debugged me as a whole, and sprucely prepared me for a career that has the sky as its starting point.

As the CPO during the issue of Vandaliazation in June 10, 2014, what can you say about it?

It was a total disorder by some uninformed folks who took violence in the place of intellectual dialogue, the revolt was against the university management’s decision of stopping tuition fees defaulter to partake in the examination.
On that fateful day, the demonstration started at about 2:00pm 10th of June 2014 when 200 Level students of the school were not allowed to write the on-going 2013/2014 first semester examination.
The irate students wrecked mayhem on exams materials, school staff automobiles, windows in the Admission Block, The Vice Chancellor’s office and other properties within the school premises.

In an attempt to take control of the situation and curb the angry crowd, the school security operatives used weapons to dispersed the rioters.
Damned consequences of the demonstration was the seizure of the Ijagun road that leads to the school second gate and a link road to major hostels within the campus, thrashing & apprehension of students (protesters & non-protesters) of large numbers.
Perfidiously, some Students’ Union executives disguised injury on the head, another on the left hand, another on the leg, one more student was said to be shot in the waist.
“When the guilty ones are punished, the innocents also pay for it” – the predicament of TASUEDITES then can’t be explained better than that as we are all compelled to pay (I.e N3, 000 each) for the absurdity of the enraged few who did the damage to the public image of our dear institution of learning.

Can you tell us one day you will never forget in Tasued. What, when and why? 

The Day: Feb. 14th 2012.

Morning it was on the lovers day of year 2012 when TASUED students were mobilized by senior comrades & TASUED SUG Welfarism ’11/12 executives led by High Com. Oyekanmi Abdullahi Abiodun (A.K.A Plato), 10 buses including others attached left the school gate for Governor’s Office on that day to peacefully air our displeasure over the scrapping/merging of our collective endowment (TASUED).

We trooped in numbers and convoy full of unrelenting and efficacious TASUEDites who believed in the TASUED dreams and aspirations, before the departure, it was some minutes to9:00am when the then Vice President: Com. Alaka Olayemi made a clear-cut admonition before embarking on the peaceful protest to Ogun State Governor’s Office at Oke-Imosan, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

She said, “Make sure you all remain a well-cultured individual and don’t project TASUED to the whole world in a distasteful manner”

Afterwards, Aluta songs took the air in a choir-like manner with no resolve to vandalize or cause mayhem to and from the sojourn to Oke-Imosan as the leadership then was known for its reverred intellectual Aluta amongst others. In the memory it was that the SUG President was on his way from Channels Television on that fateful day of sad occurennce before he joined its congress-men on their way.

The journey continued as expected, it got to a time when the bus that conveyed Com. Olatunji Fashina was ahead of others and no traffic congestion was experienced till a point around Kobape, Abeokuta Expressway, we were all mouth-opened at the surprising development but more compunction-filled we were when we got the sad news that one of the bus meant for our expedition was involved in a tragic accident ahead of us.

On the move to the accident site, TASUED comrades were seen in a way like never before, the togetherness in rescuing the severed-injured ones started and the swift reaction we got from other road-users were second-to-none as well, the bond of TASUED brotherhood was not unoriginal, that day testified to it.

One of the comrades in the bus recounted his ordeals as thus: “We were very near to Kobape when the accident happened, The comrades in the bus had deepened bruises on their body and so painful it was that one of Humble Tee-Jay‘s right arm was outside the bus before the accident occurence & that made us lose his right arm to the ghastly occurence as we battled to save his life by promptly rushing him down to the Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba, Abeokuta.
The real determination can be seen in no other place than amidst TASUEDites as we continued with our journey to the Governors Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta despite the horrible and damning occurence we encountered on the way.

With prayers, brotherly love and strenght, our hearts were with Humble-Teejay as we prayed for his quick recovery while on the way, we lined in rows & made it to Governor’s Office but unfortunately, the state government stationed soldiers to prevent us from going into the main entrance wasn’t made available for us to pass and We had to take a detour to enter with courage, as we held Humble-Teejay’s blood-soaked cloth, blood-stained placards and our severely wounded comrades along as a sign of seriousness-of-purpose and no-play expedition.

Still, we were with Humble-Teejay in spirit praying fervently for him to recover quickly and this made the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria organized a sudden prayer session inside Oke-Mosan, Our Christian Union brethren were not left without being called to hold an intensive prayer-session for the life of Humble Teejay and TASUED’s survival as a whole but contrary to our thought, the information we got around 1:42PM on the 14th of February 2014 was that Humble-Teejay had died, after we were rest-minded with the message that Humble Tee-jay bounced back from coma initially. Despair and fall-of-morale begot us on hearing the bad news but we didn’t faulter on our sincerity of purpose to regain our glory. The rain of prayer continued for our injured comrades who are still at FMC, Idi-Aba, and Abeokuta.

Teejay’s heightened commitment and love for TASUED was re-affirmed when he continued uttering “TASUED” “TASUED” “TASUED” while on the death bed before he gave up the ghost.

Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun couldn’t address us as he was allegedly said to be out of the country for some official duties, he sent some representatives consisting of the Speaker of Ogun state House of Assembly, Deputy Speaker, Secretary to the State Government and some other government functionaries and they promised to get on top of the issue as usually heard from Nigerian Politicians.

The arrival of the SUG President: Com. Oyekanmi Abiodun turned the tensed situation to a calmed one after he addressed the students populace and reiterated that the cause of struggle is still been upheld and victory will be achieved with our collective service and determination.

Com. Olatunji David Fashina, A.k.a ‘Humble- TeeJay was a 400 level student of Social Work in Sociological Study, he was an active comrade, he was the President of the Rotaract Club of the school, Public Relations Officer of Sociological department and a role model to those coming behind him.

Also, the school Students Union Government Welfarism ’11/12 led by High Com. Oyekanmi Abiodun named the SUG building after him now called “Com. Fashina Olatunji Secretariat” and the Students’ Union leadership facilitated a 4-years scholarship for Humble-Teejay’s Younger brother (Mr. Lanre Fashina) which was granted by the University Management, but how better will it be if a memorial lecture is organized annually for this great man.

At the rate at which Tasued Student Union is going, what is your take on it and what do you think should be done.

I greatly appreciate the effort of comrades in building the TASUED of our dream, and also implore us to sway from unionism of calumny and defamation. Sincerely work for a common purpose of bringing progress to the students’ populace.

I’ve always been looking forward to Union free from management influence and external exertion.

TASUED @ 10, what your message to the students, the staff and the members of the Public?

I am pleased and zealous to express my hope to you all about the today and future of our beloved institution; not just because of our tremendous achievement in the last 10 years but because of a well-fortified mettle the future holds for us. With TASUED.There is a new beacon of hope for the educational sector of this great country and Africa at large. Despite our short time, we have been able to create avenues for the training of pedagogical heroes, teacher of teachers and exemplary models of greatness. And a being a hub in a society where our educational resources will be adeptly annexed.

There is no question that TASUED is playing a pivotal role in the future of our planet and that Nigeria, with it’s booming knowledge engineers and burgeoning infrastructure, it is a driving force.

I am, always have been, and always will be proud of my TASUED heritage. In fact, I’m regularly immersed about how Nigerians attend the world’s most esteemed institutions, and how we are known to produce world class doctors, entrepreneurs, innovators, lawyers, engineers, professors, athletes and artists. Unfortunately, people tend to leave the production of these professionals to the hands of every tom, dick and harry without giving recourse to pedagogical background of the trainers, and that’s one of the purpose of TASUED’s existence.

I implore the staff to perform their duties effectively and spur TASUED to a standard of no competition. I beseech the entirety of TASUED’s students and her Alumni to equally assist the management in their quest of greatness. And I vastly go on bended knee to the public to support the course of TASUED in building the world’s best University of Education.

-TASUED @ 10 have there been any changes and notable victories, anything wrong that should be amended or stopped for the progress of the institution?

Anniversary of such easily makes us look back and suddenly wake up to the reality of how much things have gone bad over the past decades. However, this year’s 10th Anniversary brings a new starting point to look ahead and work with a fresh psychology of empowerment to function extraordinarily. The victories are numerous to mention, is it the triumph over obliviousness? Is it the conquest over extinction and under-funding?
Is it the improved infrastructure (TETFUND, ETF, Sir Kessington Adebutu Building e.t.c)?

If you are to take the office of the Public Relations Officer in Tasued, what kind of approach will you apply to the negative way the student are using the social media.

What I called; ‘Tell Your Story’ Approach is. Strategic means of combating bad public image. It is a successful communications strategy repeatedly places consistent, compelling messages about an organization in front of the audiences that matter and those that doesn’t matter. Our campaigns often focus as much on generating coverage in the time between press releases as they do on maximizing major news. To tell your
story, we employ a multi-dimensional approach that uses a variety of PR tools and
company resources.

PR is an integral part of a lead generational program, but without the proper lead systems in place, your PR program is being held to an unfair standard.

First is putting in place all the needed lead systems and facilities and then complement the efforts of TASUED’s PR handlers by providing a formidable of savvy media guru who will project the name of the institution to the four angles of the earth. As such, the undermining work of the detractors will be destroyed.

Any final word? 
I will continue to play my role in the Renaissance taking place in TASUED. I appreciate the indelible efforts of the Government of Ogun Stte, TASUED’s Management, Staff (Academic and Non-Academic), students and the host communities for contributing to TASUED’s success today.
My experience is part of our collective experience and TASUED’s greatness is mine.
Let’s do it together!

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