Culturally we are the best, yoruba department really showcase their uniqueness on their field as a best yoruba learners and the importance of their course to the humanity. Its not just a Day but the juicy of what they present to the whole school.

Yoruba Day that many students on campus always been so desperate to witness at every second semester in a session also vibrantly observed today 25th June, 2015. It began since when the night goes away when we saw them in various traditions of Yoruba Land.

Highly talented students of yoruba department really taken over the campus when everyone took time to parade with them. Its like a real “Egungun festival” when the spirit man in garment displaying while his entourage seriously wiping each other with stick called “Atori” in yoruba land. Not only that, another set of virgin lass in pure white attire carried calabash “igba” on their head, they are the set of people called “Olosun” in yoruba along side Ogun the gods of thunder, Sango, Esu, Iwin and so on.

Not just a Day but the excitement of students over this really makes it remarkable, caption all over the places with different gadgets when everybody including some lecturers and staff of the institution want to have the displayed moment of yoruba students on their phone most particular when the scenario going on in front of school admission block.

It as if the day should not over, that was the various reply students lament with our correspondents when interviewing them their take about the day. But as far the second semester cannot be remove in a session so shall we continue to be enjoying many more.




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