Should we call this total madness or lack of respect? The scenario happened on Wednesday 24th June, 2015 at block A where some set of students in same white jersey out feet wiped a student lecturer with bet because of co-incident side body touch on street.


A male retained lecturer of Islamic Religious studies in college of humanity, Aggressively approached by those students because he vulgarly insulted those guys when they matched him. And the next thing for the dudes is to wiped him. We learnt that some of those guys are not a tasuedites and some have graduates according to their status when insulting the lecturer but because of the expensive shit they appear it really burst them to misbehave.

The lecturer also arranged security men for them but so pity that even the security cannot drag those guys because how expensive they are. Those dude cruise with white Honda jeep and latest Honda accord but our correspondent latter learnt that those guyz are under the atmosphere of alcohol.

If they might drunk truly, thus that call for them to be misbehaving?

Report by: Dreylistick

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