Students VS Internet  – The modus operandi of this 21st-century education system is driven by information and communication technology (ICT) in which many parents fail to realize especially the Struggling ones and this bounce on their children.

If you don’t have enough as parents to give your child, try at least to get him/her a smartphone with internet connection (there are affordable Android phones & you can also get low WhatsApp subscription)

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Low academic performance of students nowadays can be attributed to many factors but I’ll be focusing on the internet in this article.

The role of information and communication technology in education cannot be overemphasized today, even our national examination bodies have integrated the use of ICT for examination conduction e.g. WAEC, UTME,… etc.

Nevertheless, higher institutions nowadays based on the use of ICT/CBT for each of its activities, such as the writing of exams and checking of results even course registration… etc

Why are you sending your child to school without smartphone and internet connection?

Many students have been victim of ‘carry-over’ & others due to unavailability of internet connection to access necessary information as at when needed.

This day, lectures timetable are available online especially WhatsApp, many students have their faculty, departmental and level WhatsApp group where information is being disseminated from time to time without consideration of the less privilege.

To the extent that lectures and examinations timetable can be altered online without consideration of those who are offline. The assignment is also given and submitted online; even an impromptu test and class are announced online.

Don’t blame your child for being a ‘phone addict’ it’s our education system. if you’re not informed, you will be deformed.

Let critically focus on the positive impact of ICT on education rather than concentrating on it the hazard.

Parents and guardians should endeavour to assist their children by equipping them with necessary tools for higher academic performance, also institutions should ensure regular power supply and internet facilities on campus.



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