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“Students’ Unionism is a Thankless Job” – TASUED SUG President Elect

The newly elected President of the Tai Solarin University of Education, Students’ Union 2018/2019, Abiodun Olamide has raised the dust of series of controversy concerning Students’ Unionism while venting through series of posts of social media, He asserted that Student unionism is a thankless job. 
While responding to some posts, He said: “no matter how much you try to deface the union or soil the name of the institution because you are on the other side doesn’t change the fact that we are in it together, we face the same judgement.”

With the series of emerging controversies, reactionary posts from one of the S.U.G 2018/19 aspirants shows there’s an ongoing shadow issue. In another separate post, the Transport director-elect Sen. Abiodun Mattew also posted on his social media platform saying “when you have succeeded in painting your school bad outside, you will definitely know the implications when you graduate and go job hunting. Let’s be diplomatic in our doings”.

In addition, as posted by the president-elect; He emphasised further saying “Remember after we leave this institution what would be pertinent is the fact we both attended the same higher institution, department, college or ideological interest would play no major role. All I wish is to see an Alma mater we all can be proud of”.

The SUG President-Elect, further asserted that TASUED remains his home, he said: “The way some people have been acting after the election, I wonder if they would ever talk to me even after we all graduate lol”. The president elect’s interest is as vital as his post as the face of the students. He categorically stated saying “Always remember that student union is a thankless job” “And very soon I would leave Whatsapp in peace”.

These colliding posts, however, has left students in dilemma over a perceived rancour between to two personalities as a result of the post-election situation.

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