At sunrise in Benue state University Makurdi today, Monday, 26 August, 2019, tension has taken over as students began to protest against the inhumanity in human, over their colleague who was shot last week Friday at a gathering opposite College of Health Science.

Report has it that as the president of NUBESS he’s still alive and admitted in the hospital without any proper attention. However, the main purpose for this protest is that, student’s union are requesting that the Vice Chancellor, Professor Msugh Moses Kembe, and the school management to take parental responsibility for this student, the young and vibrant president lying in the hospital.

The students therefore decided to be a proponent for this young man who can speak nor fight for himself. School gates has been closed down; students and staffs are not allowed to go in, and school activities has been in a tottering state.

The students hope that this protest will bring a new development to this unpleasant situation.

By: Emmanuel Alfred Brown

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