Miss kufoniyi Toluwalope is a 200 Level student of the Tai Solarin University of Education, currently studying English Language. She’s Popularly known for her impeccable skills in sewing with her brand name as Duke_de_seamstress.

To indeed show her level of creativity and ingenuity, she crafted her brand name through the combination of her Yoruba name (Aduke), French word (de) and English name (seamstress).

In an exclusive interaction with The OWL Campus media correspondent, she revealed how she was able to grow her brand recounting the metamorphosis of how it all went through.

She, however, explicated that her mum and sister ignited the business, while she was in secondary school, she was actually learning fashion designing and wasn’t really serious with it but then her mum was the one who introduced her into the world.

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However, on getting to the University, she stopped learning, but she got by her sister into one without the knowledge of my parents because they would have disagreed, saying it would affect her academics.

After strong persuasion, she prompted her parents to buy her a personal sewing machine, in which they did. This, however, sprung her into action to focus on the redirected passion towards becoming a fashion designer.

To her, the business seems to be very much valuable because it has exposed her to different people, it has also helped her to be business minded. Anytime she sees someone wearing something unique or extraordinary, she’s always on the lookout to observe the pattern of the style and analyze it, this, however, has unleashed the creativity in her.

As a #StudentPrenuer, when quizzed about how she has been able to balance academics with school, she affirmatively expressed that it has not been an easy ride combining school and business because most times she has to read during the night, when everyone is asleep and sew during the day because she knows that there mustn’t be any sort of failure in her duties as a student and also as a seamstress coupled with the fact that her parents mustn’t know she’s really serious with the business in school.

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She, however, asserted that after her academic sojourn on campus, she’s surely going to improve better on her skills and be a well-known fashion designer with an own fashion school.

In her business strategy towards creating a better consumer rapport, she, however, claimed that she has been able to win people’s trust when they bring their clothes to sew because of the integrity she has maintained for a long time.

She, however, gave a brief story of how she had some clothes to sew and she kept them on her sewing machine but unfortunately, her parents came visiting and she met them at the school gate so she didn’t have time to keep the clothes out of sight.

So When her mum saw it, she was so mad at her, she complained of her skinny she was because she was too engrossed with sewing without taking care of herself, so she wanted to take the sewing machine back home, but after endless pleas, she rescinded her decisions.

In her simple advice to budding entrepreneurs, she said “always choose any business you feel like doing, Don’t let anyone influence you, for me fashion is freedom, anytime I want to sew, I see myself as the god of that cloth. I’m free to do anything I like to the cloth, I shape it to what I want it to be”.

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