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#Studentpreneur; Meet Faweya Oluwaseun, CEO of Distinct Repairs who helps in repairing smartphones

Faweya Oluwaseun who hails Ekiti State, Nigeria, is in his early 20s and a full-time student of the Department of Economics, Federal University Oye-Ekiti and also The CEO/Founder of Distinct Repairs.

While speaking on what led to the spark off the offshoot as regards his business, he asserted that there were a lot of factors that sparked off Distinct Repairs, but however the environment he found himself i.e school environment influenced his ideas.

He said students complained every time about giving their smartphone to engineers around the school for repair in which the problem seems to aggravate and this apparently pisses them off hence they prefer to travel on a long distance to get the smartphone repaired. However, he discovered and recognized the need of the Students was that they wanted a reliable and trusted specialist, he saw this opportunity which was open, then he birthed the idea of Distinct Repairs.

He said Distinct Repairs is an online smartphone repairing service that adds convenience to smartphone repair by providing pick up of damaged smartphone and delivery after being repaired with 5-day post-repair warranty.

He said Distinct Repairs offers quality and guaranteed services which is poised to provide the customers with the best.

While speaking on how he has been able to strike a balance between academics and business, he said “One of the things I’ve gotten to understand about life is a priority, you set things in order of regard. As an Economics student, I’m aware of what we call ‘Scale of Preference’ hence I work with my Priorities.

The bible also made me understand that there is time for everything, therefore I observe the time to study and I also observe the time for work. Tho sometimes you might want to study and you receive orders regarding a damaged phone”.

While he underlined the importance of God, He said “I won’t leave out God, he has just been faithful to me on both part and has been helping me to manage myself”

He, however, recounted the phase the brand has undergone saying that the Distinct Repairs which is not up to a year has achieved beyond what he can imagine, however, one of the major achievements is that they are are the Official Mobile Repair Partner of FUOYE’s largest online market (FuoyeBuyNsell).

Secondly, they’ve been able to build trust and revive the students hope of a guaranteed mobile repair with so much convenience.

A sneak peeks into his world in the future appears that he’s planning to dominate all cities in Nigeria as the number one online and trusted repair service. He said “Plans are in place tho flexible because time changes and structure changes but hopefully with God’s help and the right team I believe we will get there.

I’m looking into the future and I’m carefully considering a lot of activities that’ll be included in the plan for the growth of the business and effectiveness of our services. activities such as Financial activities, Operating/Managerial activities, ICT/Public Relations activities”.

“We’re (Distinct Repairs) seeking to enlarge our customer base to the Nigerian Populace and Cities instead of much concentration placed on a particular segment and particular area”.

In a succinct advice for budding entrepreneurs, he said that “You can be who you want, so far it is thinkable, it is achievable. No dream is too big, just be prepared for the requirements and be patient and consistent and most importantly, Always get God involved and you’re on your way to success.

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