Biometric device manufacturer, Credence ID has partnered with West African software solutions integrator, Vatebra, to implement a biometric student ID project to assist in vetting student identity in Nigeria.

Per a report from Find Biometrics, the system will leverage Credence ID’s CredenceOne mobile fingerprint scanning devices to authenticate the identities of student test-takers. The biometrics solution has helped to mitigate instances of identity fraud in Nigeria’s statewide student testing, and is now being used by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). Initial tests have reportedly caught the attention of authorities in neighboring Gambia, Ghana and Sierra Leone, all of which are planning similar deployments with Credence ID and Vatebra.

The biometrics initiative dates back to June of 2015 when Credence ID revealed it would provide the authentication technology for state-administered student examinations in Nigeria. According to reports at that time, the contract included the deployment of 1,000 CredenceOne mobile fingerprint sensor devices, to be used by the state of Nigeria to vet students during the tests.

The CredenceOne device features three on-board sensors on-board, as well as a completely integrated smart card reader system. The device also houses a FIPS-201 certified, 500 DPI capacitive fingerprint sensor.

The device also features a 4-inch full touch screen and dual-core processor for quick and intuitive actions. As for connectivity, the device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 3G cellular networking, along with built-in GPS capability that enables the use of geolocation, time stamping and other location services.

The reader boasts a fully open development platform, enabling application customization. Credence ID extended the open Android development framework to include the additional biometric and card reader functions, enabling developers to use all pre-existing Android application templates when designing custom interfaces for the CredenceOne device.

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