Student Brand – NYIOLA COUTURE, the grace of God keeps me going. As I was trekking home from class some few weeks back, I heard this name from a set of student I came across on the road within the University of Abuja. What caught my interest wasn’t necessarily the name of the brand but the motto, “THE GRACE OF GOD KEEPS ME GOING”. It kept ringing in my ears even long after that day. Finally, as a journalist, my curiosity won over me hence my decision to visit this clothing line and possibly interview the owner. 

And so, on a cool Saturday morning, armed with my necessary tools, I took off to visit NYIOLA COUTURE. Upon reaching there, I was impressed by what I saw. The shop, I mean her hostel room was relatively big and properly organized. Interestingly, the person I met, who I later got to learn was the CEO, was so humble (one would think she was an apprentice), very welcoming, spoke proper English and was very nice.

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When she asked me whether she could help me, I replied that I had not come with any material to sew but would be glad if she could grant me an interview, she immediately obliged to and even suggested that we begin right away.

Ok. I told her that I had just had a few questions for her. The first being, what was the inspiration behind your motto, “THE GRACE OF GOD KEEPS ME GOING”? At first, she seemed lost in thought that I began to feel that she had changed her mind. However, she regained consciousness in no time and began her story. Let’s take a ride…


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