Dear Students,

I hope this finds you well, I have got a piece of informations for you and I will be pleased if you can take your time out to digest and understand.

Please while in school, create time for what you love outside academics. Whether it’s related to what you’re studying or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that as you’re leaving school, you have something to brag about, outside the certificate.

Whatever idea you have, start test-running it while in school. Test your idea with the students around you. They are free tools to use in testing any idea. If they say “no” to your package, it’s most likely you will hear “no” anywhere else and if they say “yes,” you’ve probably gotten something that will hit the bigger market.

Survival conditions may be harsh in school, but trust me, outside here, it’s harder to survive. Get the grades & be a good brain in your academics, but don’t think those who are seated in your dream working place will be ready to leave in a couple of years for you to come take your “rightful place” as a brilliant chap that you are. It may take longer than you planned. Your 1st class may even be the threat that will make it longer.

Life starts during under-graduates days, it is the best time to plan a well balanced future as well as a meaningful life. Please always have this at the back of your mind, “Stop limiting your success, within the pages of a book”. You might be the innovator the world might have been waiting for.

While in school, don’t only learn about rats and lizards, theorems & historical findings.

Find yourself as well. Know your talent, strengths, personality, values, and connect as possible with friends etc.

Above all, Know enough about yourself that can be traded for survival & relevance in life.

I hope to write some other day,

Let’s do more,
We will surely win,

Best regards,
Adeitan Abimbola Moses

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