• Can we meet you?

I am Comr. Sanni Ramon Adeyemi, a 400l student of Tai Solarin University of Education, from religious studies department (Islamic studies unit).

  • What are you vying for and why?

I am aspiring to be the next TASUEDSU president by God’s grace and the one and only reason I am aspiring is for the betterment of the students’ populace

  • As a Presidential Aspirant, how can creative thinking be encouraged among the students?

As an humanitarian, a young entrepreneur and an active member of JCIN. A club that encourages the youth to think outside the box, my administration by the special grace of God will organise life-changing seminars to orientate and re-orientate students on how to live an admiring life with the power of creative thinking2016

  • Polls show that most students think students’ union doesn’t function. What would you do to fix the underlying structures and systems that seem to be broken?

Well, the one and only reason I think students don’t see the union as being useful is just because of the fact that some leaders have derailed from the purpose of which they were elected and as such failed the students. The interest of the students is not being protected and their voice is not being heard and if being heard not listened to.
The solution to that too is very simple and that is to ensure that my administration is centered on the students’ interest. The voice of the students will be our voice and their wants will always be our wants.

I believe no one can ever buy trust but it can be earned.

  • What would be your first achievement if you emerge as the SUG President?

The first thing I will do after emergence by God’s grace is to meet with all the elected officers, to unite ourselves, orientate ourselves and re-strategise on how to deliver the mandate of the populace and fulfill all electoral promises

  • Separation of students’ union account from the management account has been an unassailable task for the past union leaders. What steps would you take to achieve the unachievable?

Well, I believe for any administration to be successful, such administration will always need money to actualize some things. As such as an independent body, the union account should be separated from any other account. How I would do that I am so sorry cannot disclose that through this medium

  • As a leader that is ready to serve, what would you say are the major challenges of the students and how would you handle them?

The major challenge that the students are facing is strictly related to poor leadership. All obnoxious policies that are presently the norms of the day were able to stay due to the weakness leadership skills of some of the past leaders.
I have proffered solution to that earlier that if given the opportunity to serve, our government will be for the masses and all policies that are against the interest of the students populace will never stay by God’s grace.election-campaign-blood

  • How do you intend to communicate your goals to the students if you emerge as the SUG President?

The official medium of communicating still remain through the P.R.O who is the official mouthpiece of the union and there will be a general assembly where students will be allowed to give their suggestions and advice and receive feedback from the executives

  • Tell us one mistake students’ union leaders have made in the past which you witnessed.

I am never and will never be part of those comrades that condemn the past leaders so as to gain popularity during the electioneering process, but we should always learn from the past to be able to prepare for a better future.
I think disunity is one of the major factors that has been affecting the previous regimes, as such all members of the executives and all arms of the government regardless of their political philosophy or ideology with be treated as been important.

  • If we ask someone who knows you why students should not vote for you, what do you think they would say?

I don’t know why someone who is close to me will be telling people not to vote for me. But its a matter of choice and we can not all be thinking in the same direction

  • voteDo you work better individually or as part of a team?

I believe there is strength in unity, when we work together we achieve more. A good leader will be a good team player

  • Has the major supporter of Hon. Akeem during the 2015/2016 election which he lost, what was the greatest lesson you learn from him

Yes I supported hon. Ogunmade during his election and I learnt a lot from him.
Crimson is a unionist to the core and it was during his election that I realise that the best man don’t win all the time.
Sometimes the best man don’t win.


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