Only the cynists in my class today, would believe that as far back as 2005 when i was in S.S1, I did not attempt the theoretical aspect of the Literature in English examination. Yes, i was that dull; didn’t even have any headway to attempt those seemingly strange and brain-draining questions. Well, don’t be surprised, i wasn’t the only one in this shoe as ditto for almost all of the class. But if i were you, i would hold on to the curiosity as to why the indolence and ineptitude? After all, we must have been taught all those things asked in the exam. It is simple and not far-fetching.One and perhaps the most genuine reason is that, the school was a public school. As it might have occured to you too, that anytime the name ‘Public school’ is mentioned almost anywhere, the notion that readily comes to mind is ‘laziness’; both on the part of the teachers and the students. Another reason was the fact that literature was really new, especially to me then. So i wouldn’t know how and where to start answering the questions to which answers still remained stucked in oblivion.. Another reason was that, then, School was a PS2 (Play Station) to almost all the students (don’t know whether it still remains so today). So, we saw no reasons then to exact extra-seriousness on curricula activities going on in the school. The mentality of a typical Nigerian public secondary school student.

However before the end of S.S 3, i emerged one of the best literature students in the class (don’t call it ‘giant of the rodents kingdom). It was indeed an amazingly magical moment… All terrors, but for Mathematics, became nonexistent…and fascination sprang from an unseen.

What is your own Secondary School experience you will never forget?

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