Your race is not over, Until you outrun the horses.

Those who haven’t fallen over, Learn to stand in adversities.

Horses dearth no strength, Striking terror with proud snorting;

Paws fiercely, exult in strength.

Sniggering at trepidation, scared of nothing.

Pawing, ready to go. Flung tail, steady on the go.

Scaling through phalanx bushes, Dust-laden ashes.

You grew tired and weary, You walked and fainted.

Footmen you found scary, Worn out you became when you raced.

How will you contend with running horses?

Paucity of power, Hope in the lord.

Tucking your cloak as Elijah, Outrun chariots ahead.

Power, you shall receive.
Power, He shall increase.
Power, He shall renew.

Judge not essence In aptitude to outrun snails, Judge not presence In that you see, feel and know.

Forth expiration of life – fails, Faith in past ages makes His vows glow.

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