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Report by: Titilope, Tolu, Damilola

Edge had worn off, the sun is heat around 1:45pm when the program is about to name. Student’s hanging around and some are in front of the hall for the collectivity of the ticket. The eagerly anticipated event has finally come, first of its kind here in Tasued.Red carpet began where two press from OWL MEDIA stand & others from ROSA NATION.COM. Elan greeting goes to those who are welcoming to the event at the red carpet and the lots of question are throwing to the quest. It was a gay and airy kind of rain around 2:15pm, now everything turn to topsy-turvy because of the natural rain occurred. Quite fortunate that sun descended from the sky and swallowed the rain while the day come back to life as thousand of students already sited inside OGD HALL. Thank God for the master plan everywhere set already and the event kicked off with introduction of Mc. Nino and his partner Blessing, who led us into the program with an opening prayer by a Tasuedite, after with national anthem was recited.

The welcome speech said by the CEO of the house of vesters “Mr. Sylvester” in his speech he welcome everyone to the first edition of music meet fashion (MMF) hosted in Tasued. He also welcome the invited schools (OOU, Unilag, Badcock and others) to the event. Out of his inaudible voice, he said the event was put together to encourage young artiste, designers, who has potentials and ended his speech by paying kudos to the event planner.

The modelling was the first event of the day. Here we see 10 runway model with nice hair cut and nice outfit, all were male by G.B Hair Studio, in Imaweje. Next on stage was Khalifa “Blue one” a guest artist from Unilag. Follow by the female hair display models by Denuis in wee minutes. Mc. UBA (Tasued Comedian) welcome on state to ride along with the living at the event.

Mr. Babatunde Odubanjo was recognised along side Miss Joy Osusu (CEO of Links & Glites Magazine) was called upon to give a speech about Fashion. She expantiate fashion as the next boom live every other discipline. It is taken over because every individual wears cloths and has fashion sense. She proceed in her speech by encouraging students by patronizing our own local Clothing’s.

Mr. Ayodeji Oluwole (President of the Institute of Information Management) was call on stage as a guess speaker, he said the institute was established in 2010 but launched in 2013. He said the institute of information management created platform for the discipline of all because we all need information. He said the institute came to an existence to improve people potentials and also create employment. Information management have discovered over 200 discipline, said Mr. Ayodeji, later enjonis we students that regardless of our discipline we should make research on information management. Above all he said document control skill has created a platform for easy entry into oil and gas sector, it I taken up by the institute of information management.
Mc. Alapokan also sight on stage, with a unique dance steps along side with a wonderful joke known as the Most handsome in campus.

The groove in an enthusiasm moment as one of the popular artist in Campus “C-Labo” next by Mayowa Timothy A.K.A Feratiro his sang was really cool and the audience were excited with his music and he compesatiate audience by giving out sachets of his album. We also had “Vecgec” all the way from iIkorodu, in his performance he dance “shoki” and these make the congregation so excited by shouting.

Konga boys perform along side as well and the fashion models fully display with gorgeous designs made from beautiful fabric along side with the female gowns micro-mini,Tolulope Daniel stand as the designer of this segment of fashion show, who developed is fashion talent since when he was in secondary school. The Mr. Universal South West 2010 and other guest was present. Next was Superior steppers (dancers)

A noble artist from Babcock university was called to perform while welcoming the Nigeria int”l Super Model winning was recognised likewise Miss Tourism. The female model back on stage in a sexy and wonderful altire. The altire were made by Slim fashion house a student of Tasued.

The heart of the audience were catched at these event all were full and overflow, these made the tasuedite to voice out slogan to every artist by echoing “Tasued – Otalenu” when Y-Bass was call upon for a live stage performance. Fashion showcase, from the house of Theogole fashion. An award of excellence was presented to the Dean of Student Affairs of TASUED Dr. A. Eunmi for Academic excellence performance.

Wow!!! We had a products of Tasued live on stage. One of popular artist in music Industry today in person of ZAYO. He made a humble speech of appreciation by postrating on stage to all Tasuedites for their support and lover towards his career, he said he can never forget the day he received award of best campus artist when he was schooling in TASUED. After his speech he performed and other student artist (Ralio) joined him on stage.

Now number of people within the Venue tremendously reduces as soon as ZAYO finished his Performance and the event ended with tayo performance at exactly 5:50pm.

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