Another Milestone attained as the flagship of past presidents of the pharmaceutical association of Nigeria students (PANS) Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria was inaugurated by Professor Ahmed Tijjani.

The Flagship which is first of its kind is historic for several reasons. The Inaugural meeting was convened by Prof. Ahmed Tijjani Mora, at the National Secretariat, ABU Alumni Association, Sarkin Muslim Road, Area A, ABU Main Campus, Samaru, Zaria on Saturday, 4th August,2018 by 5:00 PM.

It can be recalled that Prof. Ahmed Tijjani Mora was a Member of the Executive Committee of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS) (ABU Chapter) during his days as Pharmacy student; A Lecturer for topics in Pharmacy Management from 1986 to Date (a period of 32 years now) free of charge; and Grand Patron of PANS (ABU Chapter) for the past twenty (20) years.

The purpose of the flagship is to further consolidate on past roles of the members as leaders while being students in ABU Zaria, nuture and sustain such leadership traits for the benefit of Pharmacy, Health delivery systems and services for Nigeria and Humanity generally.

The drive is towards Excellence in Pharmacy Education and Practice devoid of ethnic, religious, regional, sectional, or political differences and completely devoid of envy, jealousy and hatred for one another.

The Flagship is set and positioned to plant the seed of professional harmony which is expected to germinate and blossom and to flower and bear fruits such that members be known to be agents of leadership for better change within the profession and socially.

The foundation members were drawn from the last one and half decade, however there is a membership drive to have a pool from the last three decades.

Rising at the Inaugural meeting each member was saddled with a task geared towards making the flagship a veritable platform and yours sincerely (Ibrahim M Amidu) was unanimously appointed as Interim Secretary General.

Prof. Ahmed Tijjani Mora believes in building the next generation as such invitation was extended to the Incumbent PANS President( Isah Dahiru) to be present only as observer.

Out of his usual magnanimity Prof. Mora accommodated every member present at the most luxurious suite in Zaria, provided three square meal, the sumptuous dinner which we all had together and gave out autograph copies of his book ( The Second Edition of Lizard shape model of drug distribution in Nigeria ) which not doubt is an invaluable gift to us.

It is heartwarming and a thing of pride to know that Individuals who served as Leaders in PANS (ABU Chapter) have diversified into the various area of pharmacy practice including; the Military and Supply Chain and are doing excellently well, they have taken leadership to their chosen career and making great difference.

The Weekend was rewarding, Impacful, and far reaching as it was a great moment of reunion for the leaders, it was more rewarding and humbling to listen and receive a lifetime of invaluable nuggets of wisdom from the pool of experience of an outstanding Pharmacy Chaimpoin and a True Legend – Prof. Ahmed Tijjani Mora.

A saying goes as thus; “True Happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose”

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