Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by a South African Court for killing his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp over a year and half ago.

The judgment was delivered by Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa today, Tuesday, October 21,2014 in Pretoria, South Africa, after he was cleared of a murder charge. He was however found guilty of culpable homicide (manslaughter).
Masipa stated during her ruling that she decided the sentence on her own, without the help of the assessors.
She further stated that though she took different factors such as retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation into consideration, sentencing is not a perfect exercise.

There were a total of four counts including two counts of murder to which Pistorius (popular called ‘Blade Runner’ for the prosthetic devices on his leg) all pleaded guilty to, explaining that he accidentally shot his girlfriend.

Judge Masipa’s ruling:
Count 1: Not Guilty of murder but guilty of culpable homicide (manslaughter).
Count 2: Not Guilty and discharged.
Count 3: Guilty
Count 4: Not Guilty and discharged.

Pistorius, 27, killed his cover model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 29, in the early hours of February 14, 2013 at his home in Pretoria. He was arrested then granted bail on February 22, 2013. It has been recorded as one of the world’s biggest high profile cases.
The whole case has revolved around one BIG question: Did Pistorius know or suspect that his 29-year-old model girlfriend was in the bathroom when he fired four bullets through a locked door at her, killing her almost instantly?
The three biggest facts from the murder case are
Steenkamp was shot three times
Pistorius used a cricket bat to break down the door
Pistorius was very emotional shortly after the incident and tried to resuscitate the deceased.

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