The issue of insecurity among the students especially the female who have always been victims of rape, sexual harrassment and molestation which has made the university environment insecure of the students and indigenes. In reaction to this, the university management of Tai Solarin University of Education, TASUED invited Operation MESA the security agency of Ogun State to come to their aid.

Operation MESA or OP MESA as it is commonly referred to is a joint Internal Security Operational platform with the sopport of the military and  civil authority curb crime or public unrest. It calls for operational synergy between the Nigeria Police and the military. It is meant to complement the  effort of the Police in meeting exigencies in the society.

The existence of OPMESA made things worse for the students that they now suffer abuse and intimidation by the so-called security agency. The students were rescued from insecurity and dragged into fear, low self esteem, lack of freedom and violation of students’ right. TASUEDites were supposed to be protected and secured by the OPMESA but the case is otherwise.

This has become a recurrent incidence in the university campus and society that students in many occasions have got injured and the indigenes are also not comfortable.

Lot of Complain have been made by the student, for the University Management & student Union body to come to their aid, which move the student union to react on the issue. Read their Publication
Any changes have not surface to believe the university management has been doing anything to correct this and it keeps reoccuring times without number.

Another ugly incidence was on a fateful Friday evening 2nd December, 2016 would be the most horrendous day in the life of Oladipo Olaolu a 400 level undergraduate of the Premier University of Education (TASUED) Ijagun, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State when he was severely attacked by the OPMESA an armed security agency in Ogun State.
It was reported that Oladipo was sitting in front of his hostel in Abapawa @ 8:30pm just to enjoy the breeze to relieve the heat inside the hostel only for the OPMESA hilux to park in front of his hostel on the same spot he was seated and beat him up like a hardened criminal because he didn’t move an inch when he saw them. According to him, It was reasonable for him not to have run when he saw them since he wasn’t a culprit.

Surprisingly, they got down from their hilux spotted him where he was seated and was allegedly beaten up. This scenario led to a pandemonium in that vicinity; other students on the street started running for their lives to avoid what they have experienced from this people in the past which many got injured.
OPMESA was invited to the institution to curb all kinds of crime and corrupt practices among the students so as to ensure maximum security among the students and staff.

On the contrary, many innocent students have always fallen victims for ever running whenever this people park their hilux on any spot. They pursue the students and attack them claiming that they wouldn’t have run if they were innocent.

This fact has convinced a lot of students not to be running whenever these people are around which (name of the student) did but still cost him his right to dignity.

If the so called security agency is the one violating the human rights of students on campus, who else would be entrusted to protect them from abuse? OPMESA should secure the students and not intimidate them.


#WeAreStudentsnotAnimals: Tasued Student Voice for Peace

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