Queen Opeyemi Khadijah, a 400L student of Adeyemi college of education studying a degree course in physical and health education is indeed the cynosure of eyes due to her outstanding musical feat as a female rap artiste.

In an interview with Arbico parrot correspondent (Ayomide Oguntimehin), she shared her experience as an upcoming musical act, her source of inspiration and mostly, the well known Miss Jane.

The female rap artist who’s the last child of a family of 5, hails from Owo local government area of Ondo State had difficulties while nursing her musical career, when quizzed about her sojourn in the music industry, she said “My mum do say I don’t have a child who can do music but I objected because I know I have zeal for but was just scared of telling her due to the fact that I thought she wouldn’t buy the idea of me doing the music stuff, and since then I have been paving way to make her realize that I could actually do it.

I made my first music just to show her my talent and a lot of positive and negative motivations from friends around my music style has really built my interest in the music”

The youngster who had her first track in November 2017 felt so proud of herself because of the unprecedented record she did set for herself. The Afro-pop act has indeed assured her fans to release more music especially with the one she’s cooking titled “One day”. She said “it’s an inspirational music song and rap.

[bctt tweet=”it’s an inspirational music song and rap.” username=”theowlcampus”]

It’s really about the look of things and people around me and how life brings it’s good and bad. It’s simply about the poor getting rich one day. So also, I created it talking through my life and how I made it this far even if it’s not yet too far”.

When she was quizzed about other female musical upcoming act, she said “Seriously I have never been close to any of them but I think we all have a job to do by putting more than our best into what we do and I think I can prove people wrong by bringing the best out of me as a lady involved in music but I know you can actually not be the best for everyone but I’m going for the majority anyway”.

While speaking on her ordeal especially when faced with discouragement while coming up, she said “The first producer I met discouraged me, He just kept laughing and told me to be singing in front of everyone just to reduce my interest and he said I should be back up singer in the studio instead of singing”

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