I hope it wont be out of place to congratulates you on your assumption of office as the Student Union Government (SUG) President of our great citadel of learning for 2015/2016 Academic Session even though you assumed office over four months ago, how has the Journey been sir?

Sir, Thank you for the Keke Napep transportation you initiated during your inauguration in September, 2015, kudos to you man, but let me remind you that the Keke Napep Initiative has not been helping matters on campus, it has little or no effect on campus, why? They are not enough, how can six Tricycle served over 15,000 Students?, i cant remember the last time i saw the tricycle on campus. Are they even still up to six ?

Learnt you were able to lease with the College Management for the extension of the Deadline for the Payment of tuition fees and the reduction in fine for late payment of tuition fees, kudos but may i take you down memory lane that that your predecessor (Com. Isiaka Kamorudeen) was able
to liase with the same management team,
through this mean, he made sure no students
paid any fine for late payment, Students were
even allowed to pay their tution fees when we
were writing our first semester examination, you may ask me what is the difference between 5,000 and 10,000 Naira, not much sir. Did you take the NCE 3 Students into consideration while negotiating with the management on the extension of tuition fees time frame bearing in mind that they just finished their Teaching Practice Last week and practically only a very few of them have even resumed on campus? Remember some of them did do their TP in Ondo town so they are more or less cut-off from what is happening on campus.

The tuition fees for 200L Degree students was increased by the College Managment via
Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) with the famous and now cliche word known as ”Adminstrative Charges” i tried to check the
Meaning of Adminstrative Charges but i couldnt find it in my dictionary, all you could tell Nigerian Students were some stories which I personally have not been able to comprehend.

Do you know that the WIFI fees was increased from 1,500 to 3,000 this academic session, where is the WIFI? Learnt the Staffs are enjoying theirs, what about we Arbicans, are we not entitled to what we paid for?.
Mr President sir, may i remind you that no Congress have been held this semester, i even learnt your office was Burgled, are we safe? Have you address the Press over this issue, have you tell the Nigerian Students what really happened. Learnt the Students (Both Fresher’s and Stalites) are not really paying the 500 Naira SUG Dues but the Salaries of your excos are being paid as at when due, learnt each exco recieved 20,000 last Month, how did you get that money? Do you have other means of sourcing for fund apart from the annual dues? What is the statement account of the Union?

Have you been carrying the Press Along in your adminstration? When last did you address a Press Conference or grant an Interview to the Press men on Campus on the scope of things as regard your adminstration. Even learnt One of your exco whose Office is beside you has lease out his Office to a dry cleaner and he is collecting the rent, is it true

What about the Female Freshers always Parading the Union Building both day and night, are they the New College Supervisors? My President sir, is it true some men in Uniform tear-gassed you last month due to your intrusion into their ‘Zone’ if a whole SUG
President can be tear gassed, what about we students? Does it mean you are feeble or not strong enough to be the SUG President? What about the unfortunate incident that happen few days ago where you were allegedly slapped by a student. Are we really safe, what do you think is responsible for this, dont you think you have to be more diplomatic in the way you handle things or better still change your strateg(ies).

What is your current relationship with the men in Uniform on campus after the unfortunate incident that happened, have you reconciled with them? Have you forgiven them or you still insist on your words, i could remember i saw one of your Press statement where you allegedly called for their ban on campus, have you tried to bring them into ur fold, dont you think they are one of your students. Dont you think as the SUG President, you are more or less the Students father, who should correct and forgive his children.

Whats up with Arbico FM? When are they
getting their Frequency? Whats about your promise to improve the social life on campus, has it improve? when are you bringing the big artistes you promised us during your campaign to Arbico Land. Is your office open to students? Is there a suggestion box in your office where students can drop their idea and though. Think about this letter sir, i wish you the best. May the almighty bless you.

Emmanuel Daraloye
a Freelance Journalist



    Speaking with one journalistic voice, we, the entire Campus journalists wish to
    undauntedly air our stand and verdict as touching the rampant issue about the writeup released by a Campus journalist Emmanuel Daraloye.

    Although we said it all in our previous released bulletin titled COUNTER COMMUNIQUE-THE TRUTH, there’s an expedient need to make it clear to all Nigerian students that Emma Tallest ( pen name) is still an active member of the press society on and outside the campus setting.
    Disregarding the fact that he has been reportedly dismissed from being a staff of Arbico FM simply because he exhibited his journalistic prowess to effect positive change , we stand to enlighten the Arbicans that as far as this irrational decision does not affect his studentship ( which of course cannot), he still remain a bonafide member of journalists on campus.
    From our fair point of view, we seem to realised that this present Students’ Union Administration failed to acknowledge the yardsticks in measuring a democratic setting which they claim to practice.
    Of course none of your sponsored write-ups will ever bamboozle the Nigerian students from identifying the truth….
    It should well understood that we (Press) are not against the government but we are strongly against irregularities and political shenanigans that would affect the interest of the entire Nigerian students.
    It wasn’t a surprise that a media house dismissed a Journalists because he published a surreptitious, clandestine and ill agenda of the Union. That’s simply because they think that’s the best they can do and their own ‘rational’ way of addressing such issue.
    According to Mr. James Sowole, Chairman, Ondo State council of the Nigeria Union
    of Journalists (NUJ). ” Campus journalists are there to disseminate information and to scrutinize the excess of power and corruptive act of the government with the good aim to effect positive change”
    If a news is being published and you noticed any false statement, as an affected quarters or individual all you have to do is grant an interview or release an official press statement to debunk the previous news. That’s of course a diplomatic and rational way of dealing with such.
    These same leaders ‘manifestoed’ transparency, accountability, diplomatic and proper acknowledgement of Press on campus….. But where are those today … All we have left is grudges filled and cruel response to criticism.
    You have forgotten that all will not just end here in the four walls of Adeyemi. Posterity will account for your disposition. ” the evil that men do will live after them”

    Joint Campus Journalists A.C.E Chapter.

    First and foremost, as a student who is conscious ideologically I will like to appreciate Emma Daraloye for his contribution disseminating information to the Students’ populace at no cost on the path of either the College Management or the Students’ Union Government and also wish to salute his doggedness, resilience, and his clear headedness so far in the struggle for and rich students of course Education for all is one of the Awolowo’s Egalitariam policy that both the rich and the poor should to entitled to qualitative education.
    I am very happy to be a student of Adeyemi College of Education because of the level of the intellectualism we posses most especially our own generation.
    I read through some of the posts of our students on social giving me the privilege to be admitted into this school. I want to tell you that in time to come we shall dominate all sectors of Nigerian Economy.
    Nevertheless, while appreciating your intellectualism, we must however lacerate and flagellate the childish writings of Emma Daraloye that have portrayed an idiosyncrasy that is characteristized by lack of direction, frivolous criticism and political interest driving writing.
    As a student of Ethics and dialetis. I will like to go into the content of his open letter to the S.U.G president of our prestigious institution in person of Ogunrotifa Adeyemi Richard by faulting some of his point and that the Nigerian Students will believe at the end of the day that Emma Daraloye is only looking for cheap popularity. Also students will believe that there is external influence on the write “Emma Daraloye” which is motivated by their interest to sabotage the effort of our humble SUG president “Ogunrotifa Adeyemi Richard” in redefining the policy of the activities of the Students’ Union Government. If we are sincere with ourselves, we will know that the persons behind the scene are the elements in the past administration of the S.U.G which was characterized by incessant crisis among the executives of the then SUG administration, of course you know they cannot offer any better advise than those advise that will cause crisis among the executives. Emma Daraloye why would you subject yourself to their tutelage?. You have to be wise. You acknowledge the fact that Richard made provisions for six (6) keke Napep for utilization, campus, of course you know this is unprecedented in the history of the College, for this reason alone you should appreciate this young man rather than criticizing the inadequacy of the keke napep provided. Even in Nigeria as a whole, the problem pervading all sector of our economy is the problem of inadequacy. We believe with time, successive administration we build on the foundation which Richard has laid.
    Also, you criticize the reduction of the late registration fee from N10,000.00 – N 5,000.00 asking for the differences between the two. You further compared the Isiaka regime to Richard’s regime that during his regime students’ still paid school fees during examination. If they are allowed to pay school fees during examination dose it mean that is the right thing? Do you know how many students who wrote examination without matriculation number? Do you know how many students who have met Ogunrotifa Richard to help them retrieve their results due to non-provision of matric number as a result of non-payment of tuition fee? Say the truth no matter how bitter it is. Why don’t you face reality rather than nursing animosity. Are you aware that Richard and his team are advocated on your behalf on three (3) occasions for the postponement of the closure of tuition fee payment? Let us encourage this young man rather than giving him unnecessary pressure. In a bid to cover your pay master from the past administration, you claimed that administrative charges of 10,000 was introduced during Richard’s remiged, are you not aware that students paid the 10000 during Isiaka regime? Why do you think you can get cheap popularity through your critiques on Richard’s activities.
    Thanks for calling the attention of Mr. President to the calling of congress but I also want to tell you that we are men of history, if I may ask you; did Isiaka Kamarudeen call for any congress throughout his tenure? The answer is typical no. have you bothered to ask why he did not call for such congress even when there were issues to discuss? No you haven’t. In calling for a congress, there are many factors to be considered, vis a vis; security, emotional stimulation on campus, purpose permission from the authority of the institution e.t.c. are you aware there are Neo-fascists on campus? Can you guarantee the safety of students gather in any particular place? Do you bother to ask why the College Management insisted that our manifestoes should be viewed on youtube during electioneering campaigns? The answer is synonymous to calling a congress in a state of insecurity? Emma Daraloye before you can call any congress the afforelisted condition s must be met. You also asked if the Union President has other means of sourcing for funds claiming that the students are not paying their annual due of the SUG. I must tell you that am a living testimony to this. Times without number, students pay their annual dues as evident by the member of students going to the SUG Buildings to change their teller to receipt. May I ask you if any of the union officers has come to lay such complaint with you? Why are you so inquisitive about the union finance when you are not the Director of Finance or Treasurer. With this your flimsy point, I believe your write-up has political undertone. Despite he fact that the press is been carried along in every meetings of the SUG with the College management, you still lay claims that they don’t carry the press along because you don’t know anything about their finance. When have you served letter to the president that you want to grant him interview that he refused to listen to you. What you don’t know is that protocol must be observed when dealing with the president.
    While stating that female freshers always parade the SUG building day and night, I will like to tell you that all Students of Adeyemi College of Education both male and female are all members of the students’ Union Government and they have the right to come to the secretariat. That female students can approach the union building shows the accessibility of the union officer by all students, this signals the end of the era when students cannot come to the union building due to oppression and victimization. This is a new era of “SUG for ALL”
    On the issue of tear gas; both the paramilitary and others are all students. There was an issue the neccitaled the attention of the SUG President at the paramilitary office. As student leader, when you see an unusual crowd gathered, you should always try to investigate what happen so as to be able to prevent crisis. Is the course of preventing crisis you might face anything that could be characterized by insult, assault and even battery; that is the price you must pay as a leader. I think after the incident, both the president and the paramilitary are now in good terms.
    In conclusion, Emma Daraloye, with all this criticism of yours I will encourage you to contest the coming SUG election and I will personally mobilize votes for you and see if you will do better than Ogunrotifa Richard is doing. Be constructive in your criticism and lets build up peace in Adeyemi College of Education, don’t keep Students restive. Lets educate fellow Arbicans together
    Yours in Consideration Oluwagbemi Temitope Social Studies Degree III

    • I wonder y d so called Emma tallest won’t let sleeping dogs lie oo he shd get his facts right bf opening nd closing his mouth anyhow.tank u for enlightening the guy on d things he shd noe but doesn’t noe..please u can also contest nd let’s see yr handwork

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