According to the report received from the University of Ibadan Distance Learning Communications Officer, Dayo Olajide, “The conventional education system has overtime been challenged by the apparent need for space.

Many have been inhibited by apparent admissions gridlock, hence deprived of the fulfillment of their desires for tertiary education.”

He said, “Today, Open and Distance Learning (ODL) can be seen as the viable alternative. It has become a solution to the problem of access. Therefore, the need for continued ODL advocacy, constant awareness and campaigns cannot be overemphasized.

This mindset was what informed the UIDLC Management’s decision to accept an invitation to spread the ODL gospel to Oke-Ogun.”

His Royal Highness, Oba Adeoye Gbenga Adigun jp (Oyinlola II), Aare of Ofiki land, Atisbo Local Government Area, Oyo State depicts royalty with a vision for the emancipation of his kingdom.

Oba Adeoye, who graduated from the University of Ibadan on the ODL mode could not deny the fact that the liberation of the youths of his kingdom was just a click away. This was his exposure, hence his desire to open parents and youths in his domain up to the ODL option of getting a Unibadan degree.

As the 2018 General Township Meeting of Ofiki was being organised, he saw the need to invite the Director and Management of the Centre to speak to his people directly about UIDLC programmes. It was in response to this invitation that the Director, Professor Oyesoji Aremu led a team which include: the Deputy Registrar, Mr. M.A. Adewumi, the Admissions Officer, Mr. S.O. Ewegbenro and the Communications Officer, Mr. Dayo Olajide to Ofiki land to evangelize the community.

It was indeed a grand welcoming for the UIDLC team as they arrived Ofiki land on Thursday, September 6, 2018. The townhall meeting which marked the end of the three-day event was filled with parents and youths who were eager to receive the UIDLC team.

In his welcome speech, Oba Adeoye noted that “as a Unibadan graduate on the UIDLC mode, he had found that graduates on the ODL mode had more value to add to the society than those on the regular mode”, adding that “no other platform helped learners to be more focused like the ODL platform.”

He also disclosed that “with a masters degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies added to his academic pedigree, also from University of Ibadan, he was grateful to God that he did not miss the opportunity to subscribe to the ODL mode.”

In his submission, he said his academic pursuit had put him in a position to stand before his teachers and relate with distinguished personalities, noting that with excitement, that the immediate past Director of the Centre, Professor Bayo Okunade taught him at master’s level and Professor Oyesoji Aremu also taught him as an undergraduate. Beaming with warm smiles, he expressed his delight and how honoured he was to receive the UIDLC management in Ofiki land.

Professor Aremu noted that “it was the first invitation the Centre would ever receive by any King for such a purpose”, noting that “the invitation came at the time the Centre opened its portal for sale of application forms for the 2018/2019 admission exercise.”

The Director further saluted Oba Adeoye’s courage to have pursued a higher education at the time he did, also stating that it was an inspiration for the younger generation, explaining the UIDLC procedures and encouraging the dwellers of Ofiki land to embrace the ODL opportunity. He emphasized that “UIDLC was an opportunity for the children of the land to follow the footprints of the ‘kabiyesi’ who had gained greater exposure because he had a university education.”

Presenting the Centre’s souvenirs to the Oba on behalf of the Vice Chancellor and management of UIDLC, Oba Adeoye expressed joy at the university’s kind gesture. Thereafter, the Director hinted him of the 30th Anniversary of UIDLC which he accepted the invitation to grace the Anniversary Lecture scheduled for November 1, 2018.

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