Students’ Union Government, OOU News Update!!!

Following the order of the closure of our university, the leadership of the Students’ Union Government (Judicial Council, SHS and CEC) had an emergency meeting today and hereby came up with the following decisions:

1. We unequivocally reject the intimidation and harassment on our Students in their various campuses; (Ago-iwoye, Ikenne, Ibogun, Sagamu) by security men to perpetrate the unlawful act.

2. OOUITES and the general public should note that we will never sacrifice our demands for the re-opening of the university, because our demands remain sacrosanct for any development –oriented administration, especially in an ideologically same community.

3. We call on the National Leadership of NANS zone D coordinator, NANUS, JAF and other civil & human rights organizations who also share the view that Education is a right and not a privilege, to support this noble struggle.

4. We appreciate the media supports gained from objective Journalists since the inception of this struggle, and we equally call for more support to pursue this course, because we believe that the role of media in this type of campaign cannot be undermined.

5. After a sensitive and meticulous evaluation on the present status quo, we hereby call on our students to disregard any information about protest for the time being, because consultations are ongoing to find lasting solution to this. Any necessary update as regards this shall be communicated to you.

6. This is to notify the general OOUITES that the Students’ Unuion Welfare Director, Com. Awobotu Charles (Main Man) has been suspended. The vote of no confidence was unanimously reached during the emergency meeting of the Central Executive Council held today. The suspension is based on the fact that he (Main Man) has been the state government spy/informant since the inception of this struggle for reduction in tuition fees, which amounts to gross misconduct. The implication of this is that any information emanating from him should not be believed or relied upon.

7. We demand for immediate re-opening of the school, as there was no basis for such act.

OOU SUG… In the face of obnoxious tuition fees, OOUITES shall be victorious because as Aluta continues, Victory is certain.

Com. Ifade Olusegun Socialist

Com. Bamgbopa Olawale Walerio
Sun · Public

Source: OOU Vanguard 11

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