Omojojuola a student of Tai Solarin University of Education, recently on Facebook page post an open letter showing her sincerely and unconditional love to his man Ishola Adebayo who is celebrating a year old today July 5, 2015.

Open Letter Below

Love of my life , it is your birthday and that is why I wrote this note to capture in it a small sample of what I feel for you. You are my better half and you fill my days with great joy, and with every moment we share, my love for you grows more and more. I feel so blessed to have you by my side and to be able to celebrate with you another year of life.
I remember the first time we met, you impressed me a lot and then every time we met I could feel that there was a strong feeling between the two of us. Happiness flowed between the two each time we met and talked, we laughed and there was an intense look between us
I am so happy that you are my best friend d, you have shown me true love and taught me so many beautiful things in life, so it is my wish that God grants us many more years together so we can intensely live our love in every moment of our existence . I wish you much happiness on the day of your birthday and I give my whole heart, I will strive to make you happy every day.

Happy sliver jubilee My Crown

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