As part of the germane and quintessential development in preparation for the next semester general students’ Union election, the university Division of Students’ Affairs (D.S.A) as a matter of the university stratification oversees the election of the students’ Union electoral body in selection of their various leaders today.

The faculty representatives turns electoral body with a dichotomy of electoral commission and electoral petition today appoints various leaders (Chairman, Secretary, Financial Secretary, P.R.O and Welfare Officer) of the body.

The process kick starts at exactly 05:20P.M with the identification of the Dean of the students’ affairs, Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Akinola and the Vice-Dean, Dr. B.S Afolabi and also the pressmen present to observe the process as a matter of necessity and transparency and, immediately followed by self-identification of the various faculty representatives present.

Following the identification period is an opening and admonishing speech from the Dean, DSA, Dr. Akinola who attributed the witnessed development to the fulfillment and integrity of the Vice-Chancellor’s promise at the beginning of his administration. She however admonish the electoral body to make integrity, independence and accountability their watchword by not seeing money as everything. She also in her words advised the students constituted electoral body to see to the election, ushering in vibrant and worthy students’ leaders who will protect the students interest optimally and won’t also in the process of trying to fight for the students right, truncate the academic activities and at the long run worsening the case. The Vice-Dean of the Division, Dr. Afolabi standing on the forewords of the Dean also advised that the body to make integrity their standard, not easily bought off or compromised with money.

Dr. Akinola however made public the decision of the electoral petitioner from the faculty of administration through a written petition received by the Division, boycotting the process with the assertion that the electioneering process that afore time brought in the two representatives from their faculty was never free and fair.

The electioneering process for the day started at exactly 05:35P.M with the adoption of the secret ballot system following a consensus reached after a short breeze of decision-making period from the electoral body. Nominations were made for the various leadership positions of Chairman, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) and the newly added office of the Welfare officer in the electoral commission and the electoral petition.

The electoral commissioners were the first to appoint leaders on their part with an all-inclusive members elections and appropriately followed with an open counting and winners immediately declared. The same series of steps also followed in the afterwards electoral petitioners election with various winners also announced.

Chairman— 3 nominated with 13 voters.

  • Fadere Olusola (Showbaba)— 7 votes
  • Olakunle Sanyaolu (Sporo)— 2 votes
  • Lawal Sodiq— 4 votes

Secretary— 2 nominated with 13 voters.

  • Ojewole— 5 votes.
  • Akande (D PAUL)— 8 Votes (Winner)*

Financial Secretary

  • Rauf Sodiq (Unopposed).


  • Durodola Lukman (Unopposed).

Welfare Officer

  • Aina Oluwasanmi (Unopposed)



Chairman— 2 nominated with 12 voters.

1 void vote recorded.

  • Oladunjoye Ebenezer— 5 votes.*
  • Boluwatife Ebenezer (SIR FOCUS)— 6 votes*

Secretary— 2 nominated with 12voters.

  • Bamijoko Saheed— 6 votes.
  • Omisore Saheed— 6 votes.

Financial Secretary— 2 nominated with 12voters.

  • Faleye Kolawole— 7 votes.
  • Afolabi Taiwo— 5 votes

P.R.O— 2 nominated with 12 voters.

1 void

  • Kokoori Emmanuel— 5 votes
  • Moses Abundance— 6 votes*

Welfare Officer

  • Akoledowo Eniola (Unopposed).


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