The Raping Case continue later in the afternoon as our correspondent heard that the accused (Zabath) was on campus.

Members of the left organisations (a Student Organisation) like Hon. Ibk, Comrade Uzo, Micheal Lenin and EOE amongst others also came to the students union building claiming that the victim want justice, her security is not guaranteed in SUB.

In other word, the victim will like the case to be moderated at Mozambique hall. Hon. Ibk who spoke with our correspondent says “you can’t expect her to come to SUB where someone attempted to rape her, she doesn’t trust the union and justice must prevail”.

Another left member says “this is not the first time the accused person will be found ungodly matters, Zabath is not clean, let him come around to defend himself.” The left members then went to mobilise students from other halls to Mozambique hall.

Another call was then put across to him by a member of the electoral petition known among student. Speaking in yoruba, he was quoted saying “Egbon ibo lewa, ema bo ni sinsin, awon guys tin binu, emabo emabo”. In other words “Brother, where are you, come around now, guys are getting annoyed, start coming”.

After the phone conversation, we were briefed that the accused said he is in his faculty.

After some minutes,students began to move to Mozambique hall. While going, our correspondent heard some persons saying they have a record evidence of where the accused was begging for the case not to be moderated, although all efforts to get this evidence prove abortive as they refused to grant us access to the evidence which cannot make us affirm whether the recording was true or defamation of the accused personality.

On getting to Moz, Omole Ibukun (Hon. Ibk) stood to address the students about the incident, while he was doing this, Adedayo Ayoade (Tripple) rushed to stop him from addresing the Mozambique residents. Unfortunately, the left organisations mega phone was smashed down by a student who belonged to the camp of Tripple A.

This led to physical combat between left members like Micheal Lenin, John, EOE, Uzo and so on against Tripple A, Tbams and some unknown camp members.

After a long period of violence, the school management security arrived and instructed every male students to vacate the hostel.

Different things unfold at Anglomoz as a popular comedian known as Opa and Comrade Olamide engaged themselves in another round of phisical combat.

Ay SUG was quoted saying “in the tradition of OAU, cases are either moderated at SUB or Awolowo hall”

Levuz led the female students as they protested shouting “we want justice”.

Several submission were given and the Chaiman of the electoral commission (SHOWBABA) said the case will be moderated before the end of Wednesday which the Mozambique residents responded “NO” to.

Stay with us as we bring more details to your door step

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